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Hey guys…click on the “video in report” sample and see how video clips in the report can give you stand out status! One of them is a sink that gets energized when the disposer is turned on…lol

Russell … Does HomeGauge mesh with ISN??

We’re thinking about using them.

Dan Bowers
Kansas City

Does any HG users know if ISN works and meshs with HG

No it doesn’t.

I don’t think they ever will. HG has many of the same features ISN offers.

Correct. And HG is already integrated with HG.:wink:

But HG services are not as good as ISN. The HG scheduler sucks.

HG stated earlier in the year that they were going to integrate with ISN. But it still hasn’t happened and they will not reply to any requests for an update on their message board.

I bet they have “issues” that they don’t want to share with the public.:wink:

My philosophy is that if HG’s ancillary services are that good, then let us (the users) choose.

My philosophy is: if you don’t have to offer crap ancillary services to make a living, your clients benefit in the long run.:wink:

I would like to know more details about this warranty of theirs? anyone know details like their coverage terms? and who is actually backing the warranty?


Home Gauge offers 2 warranty plans:
Global Home USA
American Home Warranty
We have provided thousands of these to our clients with absolutely not one single complaint.

If home gauge would fix their scheduler it would be the best. What they have now is good for a single inspector and its all outdated.

If they could come up with an all in one scheduler that would pass down into the report, they would have something special. I need something that is all integrated in one from start to finish.