Homegauge license for sale

Hi, I am a previous NACHI member.

I have a single homegauge software licence for sale.

Asking $600.

Contact me at 778-420-1972.

Thank you.

Make sure to okay it with Home Gauge first. Sometimes licenses are not transferable. It costs us vendors money for retraining if it is needed.

No NACHI sign on his web site but he is still giving out the NACHI free E_Book down load book .
He is still a CAHPI member .

Carson Dunlop Consulting Engineers Home Inspection Certified

Member of CAHPI(BC)

Fully Insured including Error and Omissions - Commercial General Liability

Member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors](http://www.nachi.org/)

Carson Dunlop Weldon Consulting Engineers Commerical Inspection Certified

Residential Construction and Repair Experience

Your consultant for as long as you own the home

Own and use high-tech equipment including FLIR infrared camera


There are those checkmarks again Jeff. I think we should get together and make that Pass/Fail program :slight_smile:

I will sell my HIP License for $599.
Go here to buy it. http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/

Hi everyone,

My NACHI membership recently expired and I asked my webmaster to remove reference regarding NACHI on my website. The NACHI logo was removed and such but he missed a couple of things. Nevertheless, I put in a ticket to have the rest removed today. However, I am not currently inspecting as I am working in another industry.

Hence, me selling HG and infrared camera.

I talked to HG today and was informed that my license is fully transferable/sell-able and HG told me they would treat the new license holder as a new HG customer. ie Free 3 months on other services etc. You would haveto refer to their website to find all the details.

New license cost -> $845

I am selling for -> $600

Again…Nachi’s cop jumps the gun…with out questioning and finding the facts!!

As per usual the empty wagon again makes the most noise .
Thanks Brian keep blowing the wind my stop some day

Someone’s got to watch the police when they work by** Implying, Insinuating and Innuendo…THE THREE I’s **and not the facts!!

The Facts are

Things are moving along in Nova Scotia .
A few years ago the Finally got Sunday shopping and now some want to serve beer in his restaurant .

**Restaurant owner in dry area of county wants licence to serve alcohol **

Topics : Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Commission](http://www.ngnews.ca/?controllerName=search&action=put&searchTypesString=article&siteId=91&facetName=list_on&facetValue=Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Commission&facetCaption=Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Commission&clearFacets=1) , Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board](http://www.ngnews.ca/?controllerName=search&action=put&searchTypesString=article&siteId=91&facetName=list_on&facetValue=Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board&facetCaption=Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board&clearFacets=1) , Pictou Legion on Veteran Drive](http://www.ngnews.ca/?controllerName=search&action=put&searchTypesString=article&siteId=91&facetName=list_on&facetValue=Pictou Legion on Veteran Drive&facetCaption=Pictou Legion on Veteran Drive&clearFacets=1) , SCOTSBURN](http://www.ngnews.ca/?controllerName=search&action=put&searchTypesString=article&siteId=91&facetName=list_gl&facetValue=SCOTSBURN&facetCaption=SCOTSBURN&clearFacets=1) , Pictou](http://www.ngnews.ca/?controllerName=search&action=put&searchTypesString=article&siteId=91&facetName=list_gl&facetValue=Pictou&facetCaption=Pictou&clearFacets=1) , Nova Scotia](http://www.ngnews.ca/?controllerName=search&action=put&searchTypesString=article&siteId=91&facetName=list_gl&facetValue=Nova Scotia&facetCaption=Nova Scotia&clearFacets=1) SCOTSBURN – The owner of Deb’s Hidden Café is savouring the moment she can pop the top on some beer and wine.
Since Deb Sangster moved her restaurant from Pictou to Scotsburn, in March, she has been waiting for a new liquor licence to be issued from the Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Commission.
Sangster was licensed at her Pictou location and didn’t realized until the move that Scotsburn is considered a dry area in Nova Scotia.
“I didn’t think it would take quite this time but I’m not in a big hurry. It is not going to be a bar or anything like that, just a casual drink with your meal,” she said.
The Municipality of Pictou is, for the most part, a dry area, said deputy municipal clerk Carolyn MacIntosh. She said in her 33 years working for the county she recalls only two applications for a liquor licence.
Sangster’s application is for an Eating Establishment Liquor Licence, which allows the licence holder to purchase beer, wine and spirits from the NSLC and sell and serve alcohol with a meal only.
Because Scotsburn is a dry area, a public meeting has to be held before a licence can be issued.
This Friday, Sangster will present her case to representatives from the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board in hopes her application will be approved.
“For me I’d like to have it approved because I like to do private dinner parties and I do private weddings,” said Sangster, adding that at these parties most people would like a glass of wine or beer with their meal.
She said on Friday she will explain why she would like the licence and it will be open to anyone from the public to voice his or her concerns.
A spokesperson from Alcohol and Gaming Commission said if there is little opposition and the board is satisfied with Sangster’s request she will be issued a licence.
“I think it would be an asset to my business because it will boost sales,” said Sangster. “If I get it that will be great. If I don’t, it is not going to hurt business.”
The meeting will be held at the Pictou Legion on Veteran Drive Friday at 9:30 a.m

**So, Roy, you going to continue to run Nova Scotia down because I live here! Don’t forget your NACHI brothers that live here…I believe there are 19 or 20 current members. Seems like you’re not thinking about them…SMART MOVE!!..NOT!!! **

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Gee it is a two way street you find nothing wrong with Insulting NACHI and The NACHI members . When I print a News article you get up set .
Glad to see this it shows you do have emotions .
How about we just try and help our industry and stop the useless digs .
I know I can put it behind us I do hope you can too .
As I said earlier it could be to your advantage to try and get along with NACHI and its members . All the best … Roy


If Russell suggests that you can resell the Licensing Contract
and they will honor the continuing support
Go for it…

I was not aware
that Homeguage
reselling of contracts / licenses

License still for sale $575 Call me at 1-778-420-1972

Thank you,

Mark Nicholet

Hi everyone,
We hate to see Mark go and realize that in these difficult economic times this can happen. HomeGauge will up the ante and offer 1 year of free HG Services to any INACHI person that purchases Marks License. That is a free $300 value and for what he is selling the license for is a great deal!

The one year free HG services is valid on this license only.

Thank you,

Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge President

Smooth move got to love the Nachi vendors they are great… Roy

To add…Once your clients - realtors see all their reports from the last 5-6 years when they log-in; it really sets HomeGauge apart of other Software Vendors.

I had the pleasure of meeting Russ & Sean at the Vegas convention, down to earth respected folks. Highly recommend their Software.

Been using HomeGauge for about seven-eight years, always better with every upgrade. (I don’t use the upgrades) but their there, which will accomplish most anything imaginable.

It was a pleasure finally meeting you Dale! The Vegas show was fun and enjoyable and thanks to all who came by to say hello!


Someone apparently purchased the license from the person selling and has given the money to him. However, the person selling has yet to call in and allow us to remove his activation on the computer??? We have tried to contact him several times. He lives in Pacific time zone so when he wakes up its lunch time at HomeGauge which means no excuse.

We cannot transfer the license until the seller calls in and allows us to deactivate otherwise the seller can continue to use it as well as the purchaser and that will not work. We have always wrestled with whether or not we should allow a transfer because Jeff Knight is correct that there is no money to use for support calls etc. and its situations like these that can ruin it for everyone.

Still selling this license?