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Signed up and waiting for my new website.

Wow!!! I am almost thinking with just a little help I would be able to do the website myself.
Kate did a great job explaining how to do navigation and website on WordPress.

Hey Kevin this is Kate (using Russell’s login) I’ve already started your site but if you’d like to take over we can work something out! It’s awesome that you feel confident with WordPress after the webinar. Let me know if you’d like to take a stab at your site!

Hey Kate, call Lisa Endza in www.nachi.org/contact.htm and tell her I said to give you your own login so that you don’t have to use Russell’s.

I had fun figuring out the first one that I did at www.inspectorpages.com

So with the wordpress site hosted by HG how is that different from just doing your own wordpress site ?

Aren’t they free as I looked into it once but have no time to learn HTML codes.

There are 2 separate things here – wordpress.org and wordpress.com.

wordpress.org :

This is where you get WordPress open source software, themes, plugins – it is where you get documentation and community support forums.

wordpress.com :

This is the commercial hosting side. You can get a “free” blog on this site, but you will display their ads and cannot use your own domain name. You will also not have much freedom of choice for themes or plugins you want to use. You will be very limited on how it will look. Plus you will get no support. Really, the free version is pretty useless for any serious business. Now they also have pay versions at different levels. I would say our WordPress hosting is comparable to their $299/year hosting, except with ours you can also talk to a person to help you. Also with ours we host your email accounts (if you want us to). You can check out their hosting prices/features at https://signup.wordpress.com/signup/

That said, if you do have some basic knowledge, it is possible to download and install WordPress on your own, on a cheaper hosting service. It can be cheaper to do this way. But it reminds me of what they say about free software – free software is free as long as your time is free.

I like WPEngine.