Homegauge NOTE 3 Bug

I developed this bug after the last companion update. I have been meaning to mention it but I’ve been busy. Anyhow, when adding a “new auto comment to new itemized item” I often can’t see the new autocomment text, only a reproduction of the last item I was on.

So if I try and add an autocomment from defect 1…when I add the selected autocomment it does not show the added comment text (defect 2), only the original defect 1 text…however; if I back out of the section and go back in I will have the correct defect 1 and defect 2 available.

Really frustrating bug…I have to back in and out of the menu each time in order to edit the comment.

Probably happens 25 times an inspection. I can reproduce this anytime if a better description is needed to work out the bug.

I have this same thing happen on my Galaxy S5

Me also, on occasion, when you back out the little icon will confirm that there is a comment.

Notice that the other day on my Note 3

I cannot follow your description. Or I am not discovering it.

For instance: Go to roof covering click the arrow. Then click the white box and select auto comment and drop it in. Then click white box and select add auto comment to new itemized item and add one, two or more. All seems to work for me.

Please give me more steps.


Sometimes when I add a comment, it doesn’t show until I back out of that selection and go back in .

So it’s not auto-refreshing?

Now, today’s inspection it did not give me that problem. Every comment I placed in each section it showed up.:smiley:

This may be out in left field, but is your device’s screen locked from rotating? I had similar problems when I’ve first start using HG Companion until I locked the screen.

The device auto rotation is not locked.

I used the exact wording within companion to describe the defect so it shouldn’t have been that confusing, ill try again.

When adding any autocomment to a new item the text for the selected item does not display. In the text’s place is a reproduction of the text from the item you were on.

If I have 1 of 1 comments with the text field “Annoying Homegauge bug” and I select an autocomment for a new itemized item for a newly discovered defect with text reading “take this issue seriously” item 2 of 2 will still display as “annoying Homegauge bug” until I back out of the section and go back in…where item 2 of 2 will now properly display “take this issue seriously”

Sooo…when adding a new item I have to back out everytime to make sure the right autocomment is displayed and then edit the comment. Its annoying and didnt start happening until the last update. Same phone for over a year. No firmware updates in that timeframe.


So I and a few others here are not being able to reproduce the bug. It displays properly. We can continue as I am sure there might be a series of navigation steps that may produce the bug that we are not doing exactly as you.

Sooo, I am going to ask again the steps you take to create the bug.

I’ll give you mine that does not create the bug. Go to an inspection item and edit the comment (type in whatever you like). Now click in the white space and select add auto-comment to new itemized item. Pick an auto comment and drop it in. It’s there.

I’m sure you’ve thought of this but I’ll say it anyway. Is your whole staff using galaxy note 3 or similar platform? I only ask because I imagine that the bug is going to be specific to the device. anyway here we go again.

Using the TREC template if I enter

  1. Structural Systems

  2. Foundations- if I click the orange ticket icon next to foundations I go to defect 1…it is already there and I do not need to edit this defect. If I tap the screen I am given 11 select action options.

  3. If I select the 2nd option, “Add autocomment to new itemized item”, my list of autocomments comes up.

  4. If I randomly choose an autocomment and insert as an itemized comment instead of displaying the text I just chose, the text from defect 1 is still displayed…and if I try and scroll through any of my comments using the arrow at the top right, the same text is displayed until I exit back to 1. structural systems.

As I stated before, this happens maybe 25% of the time during the course of an inspection.

I think the origin has to do with the actual tapping on the screen to get the list of options to pop up. When i do this, my phone leaves behind highlighted text, as if I want to copy and paste. I was thinking that this may be causing the problem.

I really don’t know how else to explain this…Linus summed it up with like three words…“not auto refreshing”…though I don’t think it is quite that simple because I can navigate through all of my itemized comments when this happens and it displays the same comment over and over, though if I take a picture the actual comment displays after saving the image.

let me know if you need me to give software data or version date or anything else to help you out.

I have had this issue on a few occasions. Also happens if you select a wrong comment and delete it, it stays there until you back out of the section, when you enter the comment again its gone.

There is a bug in the refresh IMO.

Have we been able re-create the bug yet? Any ideas on what can be done to fix the issue?

We tried again more then 10 times with a note 3 and it keeps working fine. You explained it well regarding no firmware but I wonder if it could be some kind of app like a keyboard or copy/paste or screen capture or … that is causing this?

Would you be willing to make a video of it so we can see how you make it happen?

We found the bug! No need for a video of it. The bug happens when you take two fingers and tap with them both like you are zooming out…do this at the comment window and the process will hang (not refresh). Sean said he will fix.

Thanks for the help!!!

Joyous news! I’ve been dealing with it for a few months now. It steals about 5-7 minutes of my data collection time an inspection.

I bet. Thanks for your persistence!