HomeGauge Problems

In any of the HG 3 versions I’ve never had this issue come up, but in the new HG, I have a lock-up problem every other time I do a report.

At some point in the report I’ll be typing a comment and all of a sudden the comment box with whatever I’m typing will just start rapid blinking on and off on the screen. **When that happens sometimes my mouse locks up - other times it doesn’t. But it seems to lock-up all functions in HG every single time this occurs. **

Once in awhile if I click my mouse elsewhere on the screen it will let me get out of there BUT most of the time when this starts, it keeps me in one spot and no mater where else I click including the tool bar nothing happens. I finally end up shutting the computer off. Then after waiting a few minutes turning it back on to try to go on.

Sometimes when I turn it back on and go back into HG its like nothing happened and I can go back to where I was and keep going. But about 1/2 the time when I get back to where I was it does it again. Then I end up redoing the report on another computer with HG 3 installed.

There is no 1 section this occurs at every time - sometimes I’m in plumbing when it starts / other times it will be in roofing. Whats real funny is that it will only do this at 1 section of a report each time it happens - ALL other sections are just fine and it never seems to be the same section that locks me up the next time out.

This has put me doing reports 2 and 3 times and taking 4-5 hours for an inspection report recently. If anybody has any thoughts I’m open. Otherwise I’m probably going back to HG 3.

My field computer is the Acer C-113 with Windows XP an 1 MB Ram.

Dan, If you haven’t checked yet, you have a couple of responses on the HG BB.
Good luck!

PS Try this link and read Sean’s comments http://www.homegauge.com/posts/list/1615.page

Robert -

Thanks for reply.

Already been there tried upload - still the same. We have 5 laptops and 3 desktops. We’ve been real happy with HG 3.3, so after this foo-pah we’ve not used HG 4.1 or 4.1.2 on any but the 2 tablets we had originally put it on. Can’t get in the middle of a report - get locked up - and spend 4-5 hours getting 1 report out the door.

Its made me miss happy hour at the Strip Club 3 times this week, AND missed “True Blood” once.

At my age thats a no-no.

Russell is going to owe you big for the missed strip clubs!!:stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never had the problem you describe but I use a desk top. I’m sure the HG folks will get you squared away.

Ron, Russell and the rest of the team at HG provide the best customer service for anything I have ever purchased and needed help with. Give them a call, and I know they will help you out.

Dan, You emailed me last night and I responded last night and forwarded your email to the techs at HG as I have not heard of your problem. This am Tommy at HG said he took care of it for you and I think you talked with him again before the day ended. David the main programmer knows whats going on and this has been fixed as it only happened on certain computers or something that is why it has not been found before. I doubt anyone else has this problem. At any rate, next time dont wait more than one strip club event before you call. We could’ve fixed it a lot sooner. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks HG er’s for jumping in.