Homegauge Services?

Is there a way in hg services to setup an automatic email that gets sent out when the report is viewed? I’d like to setup an email that would go out when the system sees that the inspection report was viewed basically saying that now that you’ve viewed your home inspection, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us so that we may help you type of thing.

You could set up a TRM message but its not tied to viewing the report only based on a set time after the report notification email was sent.

You could also set up and auto reply for the notification email address in your gmail account. Then every time you receive a viewing notification email it will send your reply. Not through HG Services.

Damn, was hoping there was a way to do based off an action.

I get an email when the report is viewed

Most buyers view their report within 24 hours. You could set it for 1 days after you upload the report and alter your wording just a bit like" When you have viewed your report (if not already) you may have some questions. Please feel free to contact me…etc.

Look into ISN

what for? Our feature works at no per report fee.

Which webinar shows me how to use those features you speak of.

Agreed, we would pay the same or more per month for ISN that we do per year for HG Services and wouldn’t get anything extra, other than maybe a couple of features not currently available that we’ll probably have soon, not worth it to me. I did like you said and set up an email to go out next day and also put some wording in there to ask for reviews with a link to our review app.

I’m licensed in Florida and looking to purchase my HG software and a tablet for inspections. My desktop runs Windows 7. My question: If I purchase an Ipad, will it communicate the report to my Windows based PC for additional tweaks and changes before going to email for customer? Should I go with an Android tablet?

Any help is great!

You can use an Ipad mini, iPhone or an ipad and finish it on the windows 7 pc. Both the ios and the Android are an option. Apple updated the ios 10.02 and it has caused some bugs that our outside developer is working on. The HG Companion for ios has been very buggy and we think we have made a good update to it just recently but cant tell because we didn’t know apple was updating their ios at the exact same time. So in a couple of weeks we should be settled on that. The Android has been solid for 4 years but is in need of an update that is happening now with a different in house developer than the ios.

thanks Russell! Okay, well do you recommend a tablet that works well with your software in either IOS or Android? I’m looking for a tablet with a great picture quality and stable OS platform.

The problem with tablets are that there is no flash. You will want a 7 inch tablet or smaller so it will fit in your pants pocket and be mobile. Some inspectors buy a used phone and not put it on a plan. Simply use your wi fi at home with it.

Some other users may respond with better ideas or suggestions.

Best thing I ever did was buy the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2.

I use the 8" Galaxy Tab A. I bought a flash that plugs into the headphone jack for $8. It works great other than the minor bug that Russell mentioned.

You’re going to break the pin off into the jack in due time…

Think so?

Know so… heard many stories. Those were made for recreational picture taking, not a commercial home inspector.

Awesome, thanks

I’m looking at the same tablet, 5MB resolution is fine too. I got an idea from a guy, he used and LED light on the tablet, worked well with velcro. Thanks for the advice too.