HomeGauge vs. ISN

I use ISN for scheduling and accounting purposes. I link through to homegauge for reporting. This is extra steps and extra expense.

I know that Homegauge does handle scheduling and time released emails.

My question to those that use t, is it as good? Am I behind the curve and doing things wrong? I love the custom features that ISN presents but the inability to link back to homegauge is a killer.

I am still newish to this industry and about to spend thousands marketing and growing. I need to be sure that I have the best systems in place to ensure smooth transitions with my clients. I am used to managing millions of business in the construction industry on a daily basis and I frankly find managing thousands on the inspection side to be quite harder currently.


I’ll be the first to say that currently, ISN has a lot more features than the New Appointment manager so you may enjoy these new features and use them. However, if you are wanting to schedule inspections, move appointments easily, send email notifications easily, get agreement signed and paid before they can view the report, populate the report automatically from the appointment and send the report that is a web presentation (expanding pictures to hi res, video) and for your agents and buyers to use the new patent pending CRL (Create Request List) automatically from your report, then HG Services includes that and more. You can always set up the new appointment manager while continuing to use ISN and try it out.

I, my clients and realtors I deal with have found the appointment manager awkward to use. Perhaps I am expecting too much from it, but formating it so that it is understandable has been a constant challenge.
There have been some improvements to the system lately, but formating remains an issue.
I’m in the process of moving over to ISN.

Thanks Mitch but can you be more specific? Especially about your wording of formatting? The email letters are already formatted and you can edit them but I am not sure about what formatting so they are understandable?? Many comments we are getting is that are new appointment manager is easy to use when compared to others. I’d love it if you were specific on here and not vague so please spell out all your issues here or let us know and we can reset your default letters if needed to the original.

Meant to add that agents and buyers cannot see the new appointment manager yet so are you talking about the old scheduler? The only thing a buyer or agent can see at the moment of the new appointment manager is a simple email notification that is easy to read although as I said you can edit it and I am not sure if you have altered the formatting to where things aren’t legible???

Yes, I’m talking about the old scheduler, not manager. I assumed that was what the OP was talking about when he asked about scheduling.
The formatting for the online scheduler does not have the flexibility to format the way I would like to. I can’t seem to block stuff together, or add information lines without having the default check box.
The narrative style worked better for that when I first started to set things up, but you lose functionality with that style, so I had to go with the list style.
I know there are people using it who like it a lot, but it doesn’t seem to be able to work well for me.
No harm no foul, I’m sure that it has more to do with me. Just some feedback, one persons experience, for Michael. I thought there would be more people responding.