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Robert Newlands “tricked out car”


That is nothing compared to my truck you can spot me a mile away!

Hey Kevin. I can see some big decals on there. You know its a home inspector truck!

I highly recommend HomeGauge Inspection Software, I have been using it since Sean, one of their programmer was writing the first version.

Through the years the software has evolved to be the industry leader in Inspection Software.

I use it for all types of inspections, the learning curve is more complicated than other software because of all the other uses it can be utilized for.

I receive at least two-three compliments per week from both repeat and new clients, they all say the report is the most comprehensive and easy to understand they have ever seen.

For commercial building inspections which I specialize in, I have made my own ASTM template to E2018-08 standards…all my commercial clients recommend me to their friends, business partners, constitutes, and love the format I’ve created.

I have been blessed with a very successful commercial & residential inspection company, part of the success was based directly on HomeGauge Software, and the clients ability to access their reports at the same location, I don’t ever get any questions about past reports or PCA’s performed many years ago, their all available at the HomeGauge Server.

If you haven’t tried HomeGauge, give it a shot, its not for the inspector who just wants to toss a report together, its for more professional looking reports which bring referrals you couldn’t ever think possible.

I’d like to thank Sean, Russ, and Mike for all the hard work they have put in to make this software incredible…I Salute my friends at HomeGauge.

I am in total agreement with you Dale and I did research four different kinds before making my decision to stay with HomeGauge.
I was not kidding when I said you can see me a mile away! LOL

Thanks for the recognition Russell! (Great comments Dale)

Thanks Guys! HomeGauge is going through alot of positive changes this year and its because of the loyalty of our users and their recommendations on improving the software and online services (HG Services) is what makes HomeGauge so great!

2012 is going to be a great year for our Customers (inspectors)!

$645??? That’s a great deal. I love doing my reports on a PDA.
Home Gauge Mobile is a nice feature I just found too.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been using HG Mobile for a while now. Great feature! As an example, I have one agent (who’s a little on the “dizzy” side) that calls me often to resend the report email, etc. I’m able to manage my report uploads from my phone (send email notifications, set permissions, get report status, etc.). Saves a lot of time and keeps you hooked up to the “office”.:cool:

I’m doing a lot more of the force payment options with a rise in multi-family and commercial building inspections. Most investors don’t bring a checkbook to the inspection, but they do understand the “no pay, no report” option.:wink:

Hey Linas, yea $645 is the lowest we have ever reduced the software price. Anyone who purchases version 4 this month or next is guaranteed to get version 5 expected in January.

The force payment feature in HG Services ends collections once and for all and also halps save face when tryng to get paid. If they show up without the check its easier to just say, no problem, I am going to upload the report and you can pay for it online. I have had HG users say that this feature alone is worth having HG Services.

Next month we will release TRM (Time Release Messaging) designed for automatically sending out marketing templates to your customers set by you based on the uploaded report date.

I’ve only had to use the Force Payment option twice. Once it was for a repeat client (that I knew would pay) so I set the “soft” Force Payment that just gave her a pop-up reminder when she opened the report that a balance was due. The other was a new client and I set the Force Payment to require payment before the report could be viewd. Got paid for both with no problem :cool:.

Looking forward to the TRM feature as I’m not the best in remembering (or taking the time) to follow up x- months later.

Hey Russell your HomeGauge logo is on the truck also in the side back windows of the extendacab.:smiley:

That one is nice, but his doesn’t have a ladder rack. :wink:

It all fits inside :cool: (But I do have the cross bars if needed ;-))

I have another ladder insdie as well. :smiley: That one stays dry for the indoors.


HG and INACHI rocks!

Russell, I love the bottom of your message board signature!