Homeguage License For Sale

I am selling my Homeguage license. $500.00. Email me at homespectllc@gmail.com

So you’re one of those guys that places an ad in the classifieds… “Car for sale, $500.00. Call 123-4567”

How’s about’s some info… like… why you selling? “What’s wrong with it”? :wink:

Maybe he became a hippie.:slight_smile:

You mean that HIP program that NACHI members can get for $1 less? :mrgreen:

No I mean that HGprogram that NACHI members can buy for $875.00

Jeff, you do realize this is a license. I no longer want the program. The transfer is already blessed by HG.

What could be wrong?

I think he meant which software did you change over to.

I can’t believe I have to explain this…


Be the consumer for a moment. The first thing that pop’s into my head when reading your post is…

“Why are you selling it?” (Possible answer… I’m going out of business)

“What’s wrong with it?” (Reflective of buying something for a really cheap price)

Get it???

Rule #1 of sales… give the buyer enough info to get them to ask questions… (ie… “teaser ads”)

Rule #2 of sales… giving the buyer NO info will piss 'em off and drive them away… (ie… “Car for sale, call 123-4567”)


MUST SELL! :mrgreen:

You are quickly turning into Bushart!:twisted:

But lets start from the beginning.

In 2008 I purchased a copy of 3D I had it for a 2 months, didn’t like it and returned it. Later in 2008 I purchased HIP. Everything was honkey dorey until January of 2011 when I yearned for a software that had a BPI template and hadmultiple inspector capabilities. I was looking to put together a business model like Russ Hensel’s. HIP wasn’t there yet, so I turned to HG. I used HG for about fifty inspections and although the software worked nice, I couldn’t get the look of my reports the way I wanted them.
I then returned to HIP and all was great again. Instead of hanging on to the license of a program which I may never use again, I figured I would sell it to a fellow inspector who likes HG but may have budget constraints.

That is, until the Sh*t storm has started on this thread from those who have no interest in buying it.:roll:

WOW! :shock:

Better a Bushart than a Meeker!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I asked a simple question, that even Condo understood, and I get my a s s handed to me. Thanks Robert!!! :twisted:

Okay… anybody else I havent pissed off today? :mrgreen:

Oh, and thanks for the reply… “I decided to return to HIP”. :wink:

Drew come on down. I will show you how to do it.

My in-laws live in Sebring,which I think is about an hour from you. I am taking a trip in Jan. and I WILL be calling you to hook up.


More than welcome

Drew, make sure you do it, you will not be sorry. I know several inspectors that have an it has made them better inspectors and better businessmen.

I may be the only one who understands you Jeff.
Most of the time ,anyway.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try it again,

I am selling my HomeGuage license for $500.00. If anyone is interested please email me at homespectllc@gmail.com

I have returned to HIP and no longer use the program.

Smart man.

I’ve had some inquiries, but it’s still available.