HomeGuage releases an InterNACHI-themed report with video.


Looks like some great stuff from HG! http://www.homegauge.com/inspector/shgi/newsalerts.html

Got this just now:

I love the InterNachi theme and the video recording ability. WOW!

Looks good on my Android Inspire. May have to get the Samsung Note. What are you using Robert?

Haven’t tried it yet but am cosidering the Note too.

The picture/filmstrip on side is a lot easier to use… nice.

Edit all photos… etc. pretty cool. I’m sure more to come.

We have had lots of calls on how to change the report look to the all new InterNACHI Theme

In your print settings choose Format “Grid 3” and Style InterNACHI- Blue. Then in your print settings choose the “Coverpage” button to view choices and choose the InterNACHI CoverPage.

Thats it unless you want to add a hammer or magnifying glass at your summary comments and choose different colors font (red, blue etc.). Click on the Summary bar on left and choose EditT for these options.

See a sample in my signature below!

HomeGauge rocks!

I picked up the Galaxy Note the other day in anticipation of the HG Droid app and am loving it so far. Now to slow down long enough to get the app and upgrade going :slight_smile: