HomeInspection2000 software

Does anyone use Home Inspection 2000 software. The company has apparently gone out of business. My hard drive ‘blew up’ and I tried to install it on a new computer, but the activation code doesn’t work. This is the version that allows you to email reports (version 5.5). If you have it, can you give me an activation code (off the cd case). Please :cool:
Rick Petro

High freind,

I have the same problem. If you find a solution please advise and if I find a solution I will pass it on to you.

Sounds like the only solution is to UPGRADE to a better inspection report software package.

I thought you said upgrade. Surely you didn’t mean that pdf stuff is an upgrade. Don’t play around, really upgrade :smiley:

(sorry, couldn’t help myself ;-))

Go to the best :slight_smile:


I found an activation code that works Email me bmtheo@yahoo.com