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When is the next IQ going out, Nick?

Usually on the fifth or sixth Tuesday of each month.

Kay just gave Deanna the last of the Convention issue (a bit outdated of course), about 500 copies, which we are sending out to students who want to know more about NACHI.

The next issue is the Vendor/Member Benefit issue. It is essentially ready for press and will promote the vendors that support www.InspectorMALL.com and the benefits of NACHI membership www.nachi.org/benefits.htm It will contain quite a few inserts and will be initially targeted at non-members. Members will only get a paper copy of this issue after non-members get theirs, as there is nothing time sensitive within and members are already familiar with the 2 links above. Joe Farsetta has a great technical article in it which I am trying to convince him to post online. Dr. Keith Swift has a new article in it too. Each will also come with a new PRO-LAB catalogue announcing the exclusive 10% NACHI discount. And there may be as many as 4 CD’s included in the issue.

Faithfull reader, can hardly wait.

The industry vendors are so good to NACHI members it almost makes me blush. Here is another example just announced tonight: http://www.nachi.org/virtualinspector.htm