Homeowner Association Inspections

OK…for anyone who is not doing inspections, or wants to do more inspections, I suggest going to Homeowner Association meetings and show the association during the meeting you are capable of doing yearly, or twice a year Roof-Exterior Inspections.

I have six contracts with both residential & commercial Condo Associations in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area which bring me in over $50,000.00 per year inspecting the roofs and exteriors of all the buildings either once, or twice a year.

The inspections are best done when the leaves are off the trees, so my first inspections of the season will begin here in about a month and a half or so…because we loose the leaves off trees which do indeed loose their leaves generally just before Christmas.

I initially went to Homeowner Association meetings with a sample report of excessive leaves plugging all roof drains, water ponding, where water has ponded during our monsoon season and other freak storms, excessively deteriorated roof coverings because they are not monitored, cleaned, maintained correctly, etc.

Now these inspections are for Flat Roof buildings only, naturally where we have the most issues here because of the brutal sun deteriorating roofs quickly, and the usual lack of proper drainage too scuppers or roof drains at parapets from leaves and other natural debris flying around during storms.

You will be surprised how many association members who are in charge of allocating monies (with a vote) by the association to have the inspections performed go for the inspections.

These inspections are also great for commercial flat roof systems also.

Try it, if you try hard enough, you will get contracts to inspect…!!

Great idea! Do you have any info on obtaining the Association info? I have an idea, but do not want re-invent the wheel.

In most areas there’s a board within the complex where the minutes of the last meeting are posted, along with contact info for board members and the management company.

Hi Dennis,

You can simply drive into any complex and ask the first person you see who lives there, what I do anyway.

Yes, if there is an unlocked community center or clubhouse…true indeed…!!


I tried to go to mine, but then they posted a meeting dated so that the day and date were different (i hope that makes sense). Like they said Monday the 20th when its really the 19th. Anyway, I went the day they said, not the date, and sure enough I was wrong. They posted an apology later, and many tenants posted their thoughts soon after. It wasn’t pretty. One is coming up here soon I think for year end.

Thanks for the response. That was the way I thought also. Going to go around and look the condo/townhouse/office condo association areas and see what is out there.

Good idea on the community room bulletin board.