Homeowner gets mad.

Today I get to my appointment and find that the renter got mad at the landlord. So mad in fact that he tore down the overhang on the little porch in front of the house. His story is that the landlord wouldn’t fix the roof and he was fed up with the leaks on the porch. Now I’m hired to check the damage that the renter has done before he moves out and I’m thinking I should have brought a bodyguard. These are pics of the overhang.:shock:
100_0384 (Small).jpg
100_0385 (Small).jpg
100_0386 (Small).jpg

I think he was just trying to help you inspect the framing.

Better living through modern chemistry , I bet.

Did he clean up his mess, or was it spread out all over the yard?

Sometimes it happens.

Several years ago three of us inspected a real dump that was being lived in by a religious fanatic tenant. She was asking us what we were going to do next, and since we have a definite protocol, one of my employees was telling her. She would run over and start blessing whatever it was we were going to inspect next. She should have started a few years earlier, though, because nothing worked–no lights, no toilets, no sinks, just an absolute mess out of a Third World country. It didn’t magically start working after she blessed it, either.

Finally she asked one of my employees if he would pray with her, and stupid him, he did. Then she comes over to me and asks me to pray with her. I politely told her that praying was for Church, and since today was Thursday and we were not in Church, there would be no praying during business hours. She picked up a frying pan and threw it at me, followed me some glasses, plates, clothes, her statue of Jesus, etc., anything that she could lay her hands on. I quickly called an end to the inspection and we left.

That was one of only three inspections during the past seven years where neither the Client, the owner, nor either of the two Realtors were present at the inspection. Just we lowly home inspectors.

I called my Client’s Realtor and told her what had happened and that we would not return until the tenant had vacated the property. A couple of weeks later we finished the inspection, this time on a vacant house.

There are places in Logan Heights and Barrio Logan where I don’t feel safe. Fortunately, since July 1, 2007, I am now in a position to inspect what I want to inspect and to work with whom I want to work, so I don’t go to Logan Heights or Barrio Logan unless it is a DRIVE inspection with some property investors. Even then, I tack on a DANGER surcharge of $250.

I think someone forgot to tell him we are non-invasive :wink:

It was in the yard.


That looks more like a hangover than a overhang!!!

Hey, he only eposed something that was already damaged and needed to be fixed. This looks more like a case of the landlord not taking care of his property that a tenant doing damage.

I take care of my properties but none the less, the renter doesn’t have the right to remove parts of the overhang…at least at any of my rentals.