Homeowner looking for help with water seepage


I recently found this forum - I’ve been looking for expert advice on basement waterproofing and I think I found the right place.

I live in a 1950s home (4 years in the home) that gets some seepage through concrete blocks in the basement after moderate rain. This happens in one two walls in my basement (north and west side). This wasn’t fully disclosed when we bought the house. When it rains heavily, the basement will flood like when we got ~12 inches of rain in a few days after Katrina and Lee.

I’m tired of water coming in. I’m worried about leaving home for vacation - part of our basement is finished.

About 2 years ago, we got a few inside drain companies to come by and give estimates. I wanted to fix the problem on the outside and still do (and it looks like that is consistent with this forum).

We live in the middle of a hill - water flows towards us from many houses. The soil in my yard is excellent (high organic material) and has good drainage. The soil near the foundation is very sandy and I know that needs to be one of the things that needs to be addressed.

I can get a interNACHI inspector to come check it out if that is what is recommended. However, are there any recommended waterproofing companies that service Central PA? Any other recommendations?

Right next to this message board on the left is a link, “find an Inspector.” You can contact a local inspector who may be able to help you find a reliable contractor.

CMU foundations last roughly (50 to 60) years under a controlled , maintained lot slope and sub (perimeter drainage) conditions.

5 will get you 10 the you better call can seasoned inspector that can evaluate your foundation, lot and parameter drainage.

Tools or instrumentation needed: IR camera, good moisture meter and bore scope.
If you allow him/her to open some very small bore holes, he/she can use a bore scope and do a very good job on reporting condition.

Now for the exterior.
A small excavator operator digging 3 to 4 sub drainage holes can evaluate your parameter drainage.
Cost… no more than $2,000 tops can save you tens of thousands and more.

“You need a seasoned HI.”
Pay my air fight and I will do the job.
Need a referral, email me your email address and local and I will help you as best as I can for free.

Best Regards.

Thank you both for your replies. This is very helpful. I saw the list of inspectors, but I couldn’t tell if any of the inspectors in my area were seasoned. I’m going to move forward on this soon. Robert, we may be in touch.

All the best. I have free long distance. Email me you number and I will get some feelers out when you send me the are you live in.
Remember to ascertain what you wish to do, the financial investment you wish to invest (keep it to yourself) and investigate companies in you area that have a good tract record of the work required.
I will try to hook you up with John. Our resident foundation specialist - non member. He tells homies what to avoid and other great information. John Bubber.
You can talk to John Bubber.
Best regards.