homeowner recently bought house, first decent rain.....

they get water in basement that was coming out the chimney chute door. The door has already been replaced (first one likely rusted out) and the new one already has water stains etc lolol
TWO REASONS why and where the water was getting in, then came out chute door inside basement

One— UP HERE loll https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-g4wP8YNLI)
Eh, yes they had home inspection… NO the inspector did not walk the roof, OOPS!!! You lose.

Two-- DOWN here, cracks and deteriorated rod hole
Somebody poured NEW concrete walk along this side AND caulked along perimeter of house-concrete… did either of those $$$ identify/determine AND repair the actual—existing–defects? Nope!

If my old azz can get on a roof with a back back and bad left shoulder then sure seems to me home inspectors should be able to, especially a roof like this. Cough up that inspection fee Mr inspector because you don’t deserve it on this one, FACT is… you cost the homeowners quite a bit of cash! I’ll say again that imo there ARE quite a few good home inspectors BUTT, BIG BUTT ya know…like wide… lol, that doesn’t mean they’re all good or thorough, just like basement waterproofing companies although imo there are many more incompetent scumbag cheats in our business, yep. Have a nice day!

Umm let me please add lol, quite a few homeowners who have THIS kind of leak…chimney chute door as in videos above, hire interior system companies who install a pathetic interior system and sump, whether partial system or full.
HEY----- think man, watch above videos again, what good is that stupid interior drainage system going to do when part, sometimes all of the problems are UP in the CHIMNEY above grade!!! A big wowzerssssssssssssssssssss and incompetence.