homeowners and car insurance

How many of you shop around every few years for new deals on personal insurance? I have lived in 2 states and found that every company gradually increases the renewal to the point where I can save several hundred dollars every time I switch. I also carry the max limits for everything.

If you keep a document saved on your PC with all the details you can easily get new quotes. For some reason, it seems that people over about 60 get cheaper rates so I’ll have to wait and see about that.

I agree Bruce I have learned too that it is wise to shop around every few years for insurance. I will also have to wait to see if insurance is cheaper when your over 60.

I actually switched away from GEICO because of that annoying, screaming (weeeeeee) pig commercial that comes on extra loud. No joke. One night I promised myself that if they run that commercial one more time, I’m switching. 2 minutes later they played the screaming pig commercial, I went online and switched to eSurance.

I had Amica for about 20 years of which they didn’t pull that crap but more importantly they had great rates and any claims I had they too care of promptly however when I put my oldest teen on my auto insurance it was pretty high. I switched to USAA for one year and then to Liberty Mutual when I had to cover my 2nd teen…Liberty Mutual was 1000.00 cheaper… I will go back to Amica once my kids get their own policy.

I know with my Amica homeowner insurance they were awesome, I had a plumbing leak at my persona home of which they but me a check for about 3000 and were willing to cut another check for 10,000.00 to replace ALL my hardwood floors over a small section that swelled from the leak… I told them that because it was engineered hardwood that it would lay back flat in about 30 days. They kept the claim open and when I called the claims adjust to tell him to close it out that there was no need to fix it as it was hardly noticeable he still cut me a check for 2000.00 if I decided to put a new finish on that particular room. My premiums never went up.

Insurance is one of those necessary evils…you rarely use it and you hate to write the checks yet if (when) you get involved in an accident you’re glad you had it.

For those who have been in the military USAA has some good rates (with out teen drivers).

I do find myself switching all the time on my motorcycle insurance… motorcycle insurance is all over the board, often based upon accidents in your area… when I lived in South Dakota I paid Viking 200.00 per year, move to Hampton Virgina and they raped me for 1500.00 per year…no claims or tickets… its all about the accident rate in the area you reside.


I think the pig commercial is funny…although I do have a desire to shoot that fat little pig as he is going down the hill…don’t know why though… just seems like the right thing to do. lol

Hey! Max is cool!!

Had Travelers. Switched to Auto Owners. They only do safe drivers and also cover homes. Much cheaper than Travelers.

I like the pig.