Homeowners urged to use house checkups as maintenance device

In a home over the years, a small routine maintenance issue that is ignored by the homeowner, can turn into a major issue that is undetected until it is discovered during a home buyers inspection.

If a homeowner had a checkup of his home every few years, the examination would constantly bring up the issue and probably lead to correction.

Illinois home inspection groups are urging homeownersto use house checkups as a maintenance device, not simply an event that takes place when a property changes hands.

IMHO, the only way to market this service is to market to your past client database: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/home-maintenance-inspection-rack-card.aspx

Otherwise, it’s a tough sell.

It’s a tough sell either way. I’ve tried a few different ways to turn past clients into a revenue source and its tough thing to figure out.

They do not need it, as I give my clients all the home maintenance info possible: “the now that you have had a home inspection” book and a CD with over 200 NACHI articles tailored to their home, and over 100 NACHI graphics. I worked two years to create this CD, and since I have never had a call-back. In some instances, that is good.

“Well Mr. Inspector, I appreciate you doing a maintenance check on my home that you inspected 7 years ago, but why didn’t you catch the defect then?”

Many inspectors think too much.