Homeowners, what are you doing? lol Told ya, it's NOT about 'drainage'!

Basement window, window well, smfh, trying to help ya, not screw ya sheesh.

Looks like poured wall, i think he said he was getting water in through WINDOW. Dunno if he has drywall/paneling up in basement, if NOT, can see whether or not there would be a need to dig IF there is a crack in poured wall HERE. Or if there was a deteriorated rod hole, that could have been fixed from inside.

POINT is, ya gotta IDENTIFY the problem (s) first so, if NO crack in wall n no leaky rod hole and he was ONLY getting water in UP HIGH, from the B window… DOWN, then NO NEED to dig. If the water is only coming in through, around the B window then the problem is, THE basement window!!!

The problem is NOT, a drainage thing lol. Sure fine if someone wants to keep water from pooling around a window like this, go right ahead, dig, didn’t t need to dig this deep but whateve.

I don’t see that anything was… SEALED, folla??

1:30 mark video, i don’t give ALL my lil secrets out but here is one…some insight about those drain tiles.
Have dug for 40 yrs man, all—the–way----DOWN, have seen these stupid azz drain tiles for 4 decades, THINK ABOUT THIS… think long n hard…

YOUR way of thinking (its all about BETTER DRAINAGE), so YOUR thinking took you to these lengths to dig down to the EXT tiles, NEWS for ya, what happens to your thought-process and supposed SOLUTION (drainage) when you get DOWN to the bottom, to these tiles and…lol, they are CLOGGED?

Yeah, every now n then ‘some’ of the ext drain tiles can be partially or fully clogged OR, broken… they could clogged/busted going ONE way or BOTH ways, now what??? There goes your drainage!!! haha

I’m trying to friggin help, explain what i/we have repeatedly see for 4 decades, show me someone else on the planet who is first… HONEST, and then has seen this shtt for 40 years, INSIDE… and OUTSIDE, a rare few if any.

Your vertical DRAIN TILE cheap O junk IN the window well that you wanna ‘tie into’ the existing tiles or, plop on top of the existing tiles is NOT going to seal any openings around, under that B window!

And as i just painstakingly said, what happens when some of many of the existing drain tiles down there are clogged, maybe busted? lol

FIND the problem (s), identify exactly WHERE, how, the water is getting in… that’s number one, THEN you know for sure what needs to be done and… its NOT new/better drainage!

Sooo i feel kind of bad for THIS homeowner n others like him, i wish i could help them, explain shtt to them BEFORE THEY do what they do

the exterior drain tile is NOT why you leak/seep, more nonsense from people who have not done this job n who are honest n exp’d, sheesh

when we have dug down to footing, drain tiles and some or many of them were clogged, or sometimes they get brittle n break as soon as we step on them, it is NOT why anyone leaks! It does NOT mean that homeowner is going to leak ‘somewhere’ else in basement in… the future, no! If they leak somewhere in the future, it’ll be because there is another crack(s) FURTHER away, further down the F wall, or rod hole or gaps etc in, under a B window window, or openings around a gas line where it goes through the F wall, shtt like that, NOT because drain tiles are old, clogged etc!

To my own house, to prove this point long time ago to my guys and a nosy-azz-neighbor, i dug out a corner (recently bought house), block wall, i KNEW there was a corner crack on EXT of wall.

We did our routine, regular dig n waterproofing in this area, i intentionally busted all the EXT drain tiles in this corner area to make my point… like the nosy neighbor, said to him, 'okay Hotshot lets see if YOUR way of thinking (no experience at all on this subject just shtt he headr from Glen Haege on radio), lets see if my g damn house/basement still leaks OR, leaks further away from this area now that the EXT drain tiles are totally non-friggin functioning.

Months go by, then 2 years, many heavy, long rains, no water, anywhere in basement… upon the first few weeks, months of rains, neighbor kept asking, pestering lil biiiitch, i told him, nope brother, no water… not sure he really believed me so after 2 different long, heavy rains he came over n asked again, i invited the sob in basement, said, "take a look for yourself’, sheesh man, lolol

Jobs we did when there WAS some or quite a few semi-clogged EXT drain tiles… guess what, there were ALWAYS 1 or more ext cracks in foundation wall!!! THAT is why the stupid basements leaked.

Could easily see, tell that the drain tiles going ONE way BEYOND where we were digging, or BOTH ways, were clogged… so?

Quite a few would say SHTTTTT like, ‘Ohhhhh, you are going to need to JET, rod, snake the ext tiles or you will have more leaks’, or ‘Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, you better dig MORE footage so you get all the clogged tiles cuz the clogged tiles (in their cupcake minds) are the problem’.

No man, NONSENSE, trash, garbage, wrrrrrong!!! You’ve been blllshtt’d, you’ve been BRAINWASHED by Glen Haege, by all the interior drainage system co’s who WANT YOU to BELIEVE that!!! So do quite a few plumbers etc, it’s friggin nonsense man, patheitc, incompetent, rookie ass nonense.

StOOOOOpid, “It’s gotta be the drain tiles Mark, they must be clogged”

StOOOOOpid, “Hey Mark, no need to dig and replace the ext tiles from outside and ruin all that landscaping, we can install NEW drain tiles inside”

STTTTOOOOOOOOOOOPID, lying azz, scamming, crooked bullshit, period.

Does not compute, does not compute.

Maybe a new robot would help? :roll_eyes:

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