Homes Selling Fastest in 8 Yrs

Homes Selling Fastest in 8 Years


I do not see it happening here in the Midwest.

Numbers are published, and words are written, to drive buyers in to the market. Articles such as this try to draw a positive attitude, to push buyers into the market. My home inspections this year so far are the worse in many years.

Personally, with over 50% of college grads still living at home, with student loans out the wazoo, I do not see any increase in home sales for many years to come. Here in KC, there are over 25,000 homes for sale in a 18 county area, and sales of only 3,700 per month, with a population of over 2 million, home sales are just not there where they used to be in 2002 to 2005.

Cincinnati RE market continues to set records.

This must be false information from untrustworthy liberals, Obama is still president.

All I know is my schedule is full and can make as much as I can handle right now.
Its crazy out there.

I have no gimmicks and pay nothing for advertising nor do I perform aux services.

Can imagine how busy everyone else is .

That has zero to do with the economy.

You are correct. This is why many HI’s have lowered prices to the $200 range here. Your area many vary. Of course, many REA’s love the low-cost HI’s when they generate 6 to 8 page reports. I have heard that large franchise companies here are doing well with inspections, and their $12 hour HI’s, who send the info to their main office, and then the office emails the report next day, along with the invoice.

My brother just sold his home, 5 bedroom, 3 bath, 2,700 Sq. Ft. The buyer only paid $275 for the inspection. I saw the report. 6 pages. Some ASHI guy.

One company (person) here is offering $369 inspections with termite and radon on any size home. Hard to compete.

If you are that busy, you should raise your prices. You are losing revenue, IMHO.


Are you being real with this sad song you play all the time, or is it just your internet persona?

Do you ever think maybe it’s just you?

Juan, I think you are stalking Gary. LOL. :mrgreen: Everytime he sings the blues you are there to comment. :wink:

Just the reality here. I think if I drop my insurance, CMI designation, and bullet-proof my agreement, then I can get down to $219 with termite on most homes and do 6 page next-day say nothing report. That may get me some business.

However, I just cannot stoop to that level.

Lol just once in a while. Pretty sure he finds any excuse to cry about it.

Gary is Juan’s mentor. :stuck_out_tongue:

I lose a lot of jobs to lowballers according to agents I stay in contact with.
One agent told me yesterday that she sent me 5 referrals in the last month that went with the lowballers.

Miami Dade is at 10yr high

Selling so fast that inventory is dropping and prices are rising.

The prices here are nearing 2006 peak levels and development is raging again.

Dont forget commercial sales. Thats where the best inspection $ is