Never mind…


What? (8’) It goes straight to the Yahoo sign in page ?

I know. That’s why I cancelled it. I tried to post a joke with some adorable puppies and it failed.


She said “puppies” :wink:

Why whatever do you mean Peter?:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. dear…oh, dear…whatever shall become of us now?

oh boy. I don’t get it. shoot.

what is the thing with puppies?

Wendy, its all in the inflection…OOOOOOhhhh those puppies… LOL

Do you have a gun why are you going to shoot the poor little puppies .

And I bet those puppies ARE adorable. Sure you don’t have some pics?

:shock: Oooooooooooh…THOSE puppies!:shock:

Nope. No pics of those puppies. blush Only Golden Retrievers… :wink:

Did you ever notice that one is always bigger than the other? :shock:


Wendy, is your website down? Tried to look at it and got the page cannot be displayed page.

Yes, we’re in transition David. See my thread about IBSWW. I’ll be up and running soon though. :slight_smile: Thanks!