Hon Professional Network App

I use the HON Network App on my Android devices but now the app appears not to work. It goes through all the steps but never get email confirmation. Anyone having problems?

Is that an HG app?

No, it would be best to contact HON directly.

Mike, shoot me an email at Dominic@HomeInspectorPro.com. I’m the developer of the HON Professional App and the normal HON App and can help you track the issue down.

Dominic, did Nathan name you in his lawsuit against HON?

He left my name off the suit (which did individually name all the other owners) as he was trying not to drag me into it, but I’m still indirectly included as an owner of HON.

Dominic writes:

So Nathan is suing your pocketbook. :frowning:

Yes, it is interesting. :wink:

Isn’t that what all law suits are? :wink:

after update everything works great!

Excellent! Thanks for updating me. For everyone else, make sure you update as I pushed a new version a few days ago.