(Honestly) How do you start your day?

(Honestly) How do you start your day?

I am curious as to how we as Inspectors stay in shape. I am a 40 year old white male, 2nd- marriage with 4 kids.

· Exercises:

· Stretches:

· Prayer:

On a daily basis 7 days a week, how do you stay in shape to do your job?

First thing I do is pee.
Eat oatmeal w/ blueberries
walk the dogs
feed the chickens
Then off to work
And somewhere in there I’ll fit in a bowel movement.

Frank, why oatmeal with blueberries?
What does your workout consist of?
How long do you stretch for?
Coffee is Black, right?

I look in the mirror great i made through another night . lol

then more coffee
then go thru photos and reports
then more coffee and breakfast (2eggs on toast)
go to work, I bike (30-50 miles) in the afternoon
I am 54 and kids are worken and in college and I don’t look in the mirror in the morning:shock::shock:

Oatmeal is heart healthy and filling. Blueberries are really good for you. I also include cinnamon, ground ginger, walnuts, and a banana.
Stretch for about 15 minutes, lift weights for about an hour one day, treadmill for 40 minutes the next day. Alternating days. Cardio, weights, cardio, weights. …
Yes, coffee is black, 2-3 cups.
I’m 63 and get up at 4: 30 to get everything done.

Eggs fried in butter with bacon or sausage.

4 shots of espresso with cream.

No carbs.

THAT is filling and long lasting.

I exercise 7 days a week, except when I’m on vacation. I switch every other day between resistance training (weights & bands) and running 3 to 5 miles, generally before 7 am.

I do this so that I can continue to eat whatever I want :smiley:

I hope that works out for you. I get my bacon and eggs fix a couple times a year. I like my eggs fried in bacon fat. Yummy mmmmm. .

It does.

Low carb diets are built on junk science and a disproved hypothesis.

They will have you on Statin drugs any day now.

Good luck.

I’m not on a “low carb” diet, or any other fad diet. I just eat healthy, for the most part. Weekends are eat what you want days. Pizza, ice cream, etc, in moderation, not binging. And I take no medication, and don’t smoke.

That’s the problem.

What you have been told is “healthy” probably isn’t.

It’s all marketing and agribusiness.

You’re right.

Coffee (roast my own beans)
Couple cigs
Banana and no other food until 4 or 5 most days

Only eat real food, no fast foods
No exercise

I roast my own beans as well for the last few years.

2 nd roaster and 4th espresso machine.

You need some fat in the morning.

Carbs are no better than eating sugar.

Up at 6:30 AM.

Drink a pot of coffee, and smoke 5 or 6 cigarettes.

Get on FB, and post a few sarcastic comments, or ridicule someone else’s comments.
Eat a fried bologna sandwich, or left over pizza for breakfast, unless it’s an early inspection, then it’s McD’s sausage biscuit with cheese at drive thru.

Volleyball league practice Tuesday and Thursday nights, Scuba lessons on Saturday, and Volleyball games on Sunday.

My wife exercises enough for both of us…jumping to conclusions, flying off the handle, and crawling up my arse on a daily basis…:|.)

Haha, that’s part of my Wife’s routine also. Must be a girl thing. :wink:

ahh, I remember those days, when she was a** girl.**

She’s now a half century old, hardly a girl anymore!! :wink:

Coffee followed by Coffee then more Coffee.
When I get hungry go out and buy Coffee.

Seriously best thing you can do is avoid Bread,Pasta,flour,etc

Oatmeal and Blueberries are great though prefer Oatmeal with banana and once in a while blend raw Blueberry with Keifer as a nice prostate insurance. throw in a bit of honey and it tastes like liquid sherbert.

Coffee first thing and no more than 2 cups
I exercise regularly and watch what I eat, I’m very heath conscious