(Honestly) How do you start your day?

I lift my ladder!
As for starting my day, 2 cups of Coffee minimum, cereal, breakfast sandwich or Oatmeal.
My biggest work out is walking with the ladder. The second one is lifting my golf club over my head and swinging it at 100 miles an hour.:mrgreen:

#1 #2 High Blood pressure pill. Some diet mountain dew norm about 3/4 can now that I stopped drinking a 1/2 pot of coffee min every morning. Breakfast lately 2 hard boiled eggs cut in quarters with one piece of bacon cut into eight pieces. one bite of egg with one of bacon. T.V. News. Start routing insps while watching news then however the day ends up.

Let me add morning phone calls.Went from relaxed with only a evening inspection scheduled to Grand Central scheduling last hour or so.

Suddenly hyped up .

You guys sure drink a lot of coffee! I’m in the wrong business! :wink:

1 cup of coffee, yes with sugar.
One piece of toast or 1/2 bagel/cream cheese depending on my mood.
Do this while multi tasking computer stuff & return phone calls/scheduling.
Have a workout equipt with free weights about 3X weekly.
Lotta crawling (sometimes like pushups) in 100 degree+ temp Florida attics.

Exactly what I was wanting guys. Keep them coming.

Best part of waking up is Folger’s in your cup.

Coffee for me. Two eggs and toast breakfast is the most important meal of the day:D

I check the obits first thing…If I’m in there no way I’m going to work…

The three S’s .

Rooster wakes me up every morning.

Unplug my outrageously expensive Amethyst BioMat.

Read my daily InterNACHI brief.

Stop at the coffee shop on my way to work.

I wake up excited every morning just to know I am still breathing. I am just like Burger King off to the commode because it takes two hands to hold a whopper.

One cup of instant coffee with the pink stuff for sugar, no breakfast make sure all my batteries are charged then out the door to first inspect. I usually eat a light sandwich after the inspect sometimes not. I indulge in the Sea food diet I eat every thing I see if it has no sugar and is not high in cholesterol I don’t want it.
Beef its whats for dinner???

With 12 grandchildren 9 horses 3 dogs and wild cats and a wife that beats me I get all the exercise I want

One bourbon, one scotch, one beer…

Well I’ll be darned, we both roast coffee:D

I use a Behmor roaster which I keep on my screen porch, coffee smells great after its roasted but smells like burning wet straw while roasting.

Raise your hand if you just Googled “Amethyst BioMat”

Ha, ha, ha ya got me!

That’s what I sleep on every night.

Behmor has a nice roasting size but I like doing my own blends form different roast levels and beans.

My NESCO works great for 4 oz. batches.

I usually roast 3 or 4 batches and blend a couple days later.

Michael, part of my marketing is to bring a 1/2lb of coffee when meeting some realtors and lenders. Beats a coffee mug or mini flashlight.

My Behmor as you know goes up to 1 lb roast size. I can program for anything as I find its accurate. So right now I have beans from Columbia, Brazil and Ethiopia and all roast at a different level.

I like the NESCO unit also but just wanted to roast more at one time. As you know seconds count when going into the 2nd crack. The Behmor when kept clean is reliable.

Papua New Guinea
Guatamala Bolsa from ebay
French Roast premix from Amazon
And I order a sampler from Sweet Maria’s a couple times a year.

I use a spread sheet and measure weight before and after roast to determine moisture loss.

I usually roast to FC+ and Vienna some times.

Saves me a lot of time guessing.

I wake up every day at 3:00 am. Nick Gromicko told me three to four years ago, “you snooze, you lose”.

I start my coffee as well. I then walk out on my deck, thanking God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, for allowing me to be alive today.

I drink my coffee and stretch from my neck down (sometimes I’m pretty sore). I practice my blocking like I was taught several years ago, in the Martial Arts.

I use resistance bands to strengthen my body. I do 20 regular push ups, 100 Chinese push-ups, and another 80 on my perfect push ups.

I do 100 sit-ups, 50 crunches with my 60 second abs, and then 5 minutes on my ab-roller.

I grab my Ice Cold water bottles and go for a walk, saying the Pledge of Allegiance, to our United States Flag.

I try to strengthen my senses by listening, smelling, hearing, and feeling. I sing a song, and dance to give me some rhythm, for the day. I see what’s going on the message board at InterNACHI, and I say a prayer for Nick, Ben, the staff, and the rest of you.

I will stop for now everyone, because I want to hear more. I have laughed so much today reading some of these posts. I too have a wife and 4 young adults (2 boys, 2 girls) that exhaust me at times.

As Home Inspectors, we should be in great shape for many reasons. I want each of you to try a little harder to exercise and stretch, so I will not be hearing Nick say: I’m sorry but member … from … has passed away. He was loved by many, and I am saddened at the loss of one of our own.

I need to try harder myself. I respect everyone of you, and God willing: I’d love to meet most of you at our Inspector Convention, one of these years.

Take care, be safe and keep the comments coming.

  • Michael Wayne Altizer