(Honestly) How do you start your day?

Make that rooster breakfast…I would hate that :slight_smile:

But i’ve never been a morning person and them roosters start BEFORE dawn.

No coffee for me, gave it up about a year ago and really never needed it anyway. When I wake up, I’m awake!

I eat whatever is around. Oftentimes a burrito. (used to live in New Mexico).

Read/Skim the Baltimore Sun, San Francisco Chronicle, NY Times and this MB, oh and Slate.

Check out the days inspects.

Scan Craiglist for used Amethyst Biomats. :roll:

I get up, have my morning constitutional and then it’s off to Tim Hortons for a coffee and a bagel. I have been doing this for longer than I remember. When I was framing we would always have our morning meeting over a coffee and I can’t help myself now. Funny thing is it is still my crew that I meet everyday. Once coffee is over around 7am I head back to the office to get my inspections ready. I work out in the evening by walking, biking or hoisting a beer or two. Just have to remember to switch arms in between!! LOL

Not doing a whole lot right now since the doc put me on light duty, can’t lift more than 20 pounds with those ligaments torn in my arm. Other than that wake up between 6 and 7 try not to get bored (can be hard to do) spend my time doing online education and things of that manner.

Papua New Guinea…
good stuff at a good price :slight_smile:

I get it for the one I love :slight_smile:

Make a warm bottle of milk for my 10mo. Old daughter. Change her diaper. Keep her on one arm.

Wake up my 2 year old daughter. Put her on the potty. Give her some milk and get her breakfast started.

Wake up my 7 year old son. Get him dressed. Feed him (and his sister) breakfast. Make his lunch for school. Pack his backpack and send him off to the bus stop (our front yard).

Wake up my beautiful wife. Let her get ready for the day.

Pass the baby to my wife, kiss my girls.

Get dressed. Brush my hair & teeth. Pack the truck.

Hit the road.

5:00 am feed the cat

Who determines the time, you or the cat?

You’re a good man Stephan.

The cat, if I don’t get up he will scratch at the bedroom door until I do.


My wife decided to train our cat her way, and well I might add, instead of it trying to train us. :shock: Many cats can be trained…

Hit the head, Turkish kafe, take Molly May out, load up what is needed for the day.

Mornings are simple.

Get up, shower, grab an apple & a drink for the road, the kids and wife line up for a kiss & hug as I leave(I get 6 of each) and I head to my first inspection.

Exercise and office work happen in the afternoon. I’m always tired after exercise, never have enjoyed it in the morning.

Oh, and I don’t like coffee and I loathe oatmeal. :slight_smile:

I learned from the best

I learned from the best

At 67 and divorced, I try not to schedule any inspections before 1:30-2 pm. That way I can go out with one of the 3 ladies I date (2 divorcee’s & 1 widow between 46 and 65), have nice dinner, go to show, dancing OR whatever. Usually get in by 2-3am … get a good solid 7-8 hrs sleep, then shoot out of bed like a rocket. Grab a Mountain Dew and Baby Ruth to kick start my morning. Check emails for REA complaint calls.

Then shower, head to the “Big Biscuit” for some scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuit & gravy and hot chocolate OR Mexican omelet, sausage links, oatmeal with cinnamon sugar and raisins. Then on to inspection.

Dan, you gotta slow down. Those ladies will give you more heart attacks.

Drink about a gallon of that Mountain Dew, and you can go out with ALL THREE ladies you’re dating at the same time!!

Warning: You WILL NOT be shooting out of bed like a rocket the next morning!! :|.)

Too late, we spoiled him after I rescued him from the foreclosed property behind my home.