Honey, have you fixed those drawers yet?

Can someone please tell me how I can get these drawers to quit making so much noise when we open and close them. They are 20yrs old and I already suggested to my wife that she just doesn’t open them, that does work. Thanks for any input, I would really like to get this of my honey-do list

Did you try a teflon lube?

parafin wax

What is actually making the noise? Does it sound like the rollers are squeaking? If that’s the case, lube the rollers with your choice of what’s handy 3 in 1, WD, teflon etc… If they won’t be quiet after lubricating them, they may be shot and need replacement, off to the hardware store you go. Remove the drawer guides and rollers and match 'em up. If the nylon wheels appear out of round/broken etc, this is the route you will be going.

If the drawer frame or rails/styles for the cabinets are binding, this will take a little work to relieve/sand/plane whatever. You will need to identify where they are binding and be careful not to damage your visible cabinet surfaces.

Good luck

Phillip wins :slight_smile:

Keep your wife from bitchen and buy her a new kitchen

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Try Pam spray. if it will not work then cook her a meal

Glue them all shut and that will stop the noise (empty them first or buy a spork).


WD-40 eats nylon and plastic. I never use the stuff. I always recommend dryed silicone sprays. I know of a good divorce lawyer.

Gun grease?