Honey, I pissed off a cult today!

I did an inspection of a home about 3 weeks ago which is “surrounded” by other property belonging to a “Fundamentalists, religious group,” near Abilene Texas. The only thing this group did not own beside that 1 acre was the road that leads to it. Any way, I did my inspection and noted the presence of observation and guard towers located on top of unmarked warehouses, and also noted the presence of the construction of underground bunkers and storage facilities on the adjacent land. These are visible in some of my photos.

The present owner (was) a member of this religious group, but decided to leave the group after about 2 years… (this was a mistake in the end) You don’t get out of certain religious groups very easily when you possess insider information about how they really are, what they do, and how they operate. During my inspection, the present owner used phrases like, “This damn place, and group of people are freaking me the hell out,” and, “I can’t wait to get out of this F&*#ed up place, and go back to Alabama where I belong.”

Several days ago, this family was at home with their children, the time was 8PM. Suddenly they herd and felt an explosion rock the building, and the entire back side of the home was suddenly engulfed in flames. The family got out, but could not save the pets, which all perished in the fire. I am learning that great punishment shall come to those who seek to escape the graces of certain “religious groups,” or to those who willingly assist in the same… (Insert real-estate agents and home inspectors here) Yikes!

So, here is what I need to say now… To all who shall read these presents, Greetings, I Cortland V Carrington III of Double B Real-Estate inspection have no intension of causing harm to myself, or dying of suspicious or suspect circumstances. I have too much to live for, my wife, three children, and my dearest friends. I also have no desire to burn my own house down to collect insurance money…I put way too much sweat equity into my home to burn it down. If death, or anything like that should happen to me, please forward this thread to the FBI, or BATF.

Also a second point to make, when you folks write your home inspection reports, write them well, and take lots of photos too. You never know when the FBI, BATF or police will use them as a photo documentary of a crime scene to look for clues and such.
As for the family, they are in the protective care of the fire Marshall, and will be going back to Alabama ASAP.


Indiana wants me, Lord I can’t go back there. :cool:

INDIANAPOLIS! Meridian street, you are a calling me, “hay, hay you!”

Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi, again. :roll:

Up here in Maine they just slowly poison you with arsenic in your coffee. :roll:

Love thy brother…not. :frowning:


Would that be “All hail Yahshua” (www.yahweh.com )??

If anyone is interested more info at:


Yes, that is the group…

Did you think to forward the report including photos of towers and underground construction to the ATF?