Just got done with this.

2nd one this week!

Makes reporting easy when they’re in this condition.

This place had been gutted by the previous owners…needed moving & storage money

Barry, how do you right that one up?

“Call me when everything is fixed or something?” :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

What’s wrong in #3? I see they terminated w/ wire nuts.
You’re too picky! :wink:

I have been getting a lot of inspections like that lately. I absolutely hate doing them. I raised my prices by a few dollars and it seems to weed out calls for these kind of properties. Honestly, I think they take forever to write up and are’nt worth the extra time. Just sorting and inserting pictures can take an hour sometimes.

Do one and create a template REO, POS, VANDALS…whatever…then delete whatever is not applicable from that template.

Report takes 30 minutes tops to generate and send…inspection takes as long as it takes to convey this info to the client.

I also furnish 3 GCs and a complete list of individual subs for client’s bidding process…

Today’s was 1 hour 15 minutes door to door with report delivered.

Send all of them my way I’ll be more than happy to do these.

I send photos separate and number my comment to correlate with the photo file.

You took the words right outta my mouth! I can remember when I had guys telling me there was no way they would ever do a 4 Point inspection too. I told them to give anyone who wanted one my phone number. The way you described to build a template for doing the reports is the same way we do them too. Works like a dream; fast, easy, in and out, pick up your check, go to the house.

Good idea with the template. I typically type out a report and don’t use many canned comments. I paid the extra money for HomeGauge and really don’t use it to it’s full potential. I will have to save a few canned naratives for these kind of inspections. There seems to be enough of them around here to at least try to find a way to make it worth while.

At least there were no double taps in the panel!


Sending them your info covered fixing everything
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