Honeywell system

I inspected an A/C this morning and found a Honeywell system panel in the utility room that controls and outside duct that pulls air from the exterior. The system is set up properly and is exactly as it should be but I am interested in this feature because it is the first time that I have seen it. Has anyone seen this before and the customer has stated that since this was installed, her power bill has increased when she was told by the company that the power bill should actually decrease. Any thoughts?





Paul someone bought a pig in a poke contractors typically try to sell add on items such as these. In hot dry or hot high humidity one would have to increase the size of a unit substantially to compensate for the additional heat load brought in from outside. Outside air is not the norm for what we refer to as a closed system which by the way is the most cost effective. Outside air is nice when the season does not require heat or cool and one can just run the indoor blower and draw outside air into the structure. Outside air % is a requirement for commercial and industrial but would not want it on my home.

Whom ever stated that the cost would be less to operate this type of system was blowing smoke.

Thank you very much. This is a huge help!!

Paul, I think that system could have benefits up north where you could get some “free cooling” in the spring and fall. It sounds similar to an economizer on a commerical unit.

these are for homes with no A.C. Used in Florida as whole house fan in 50’s and 60’s.

Gary from what I see in the pic that is a new install with A/C

i know. not needed in florida now because of heat pump