How’s this for an SE Panel? 3,800 sf country home, don’t know why they would need 400 amp service.

Looks like the guy worked at an electrical supply house…

Actually most houses 3500sf and up should have more than 200 amps if they are all electric.

Yes, I would venture to say 99% of all the homes we do over 3,000 sq ft are 400A regardless…the owners now have just learned to have that Tim The Tool Man power in their homes…:slight_smile:

ON this one…that is a huge exterior panel, I did notice the cutler hammer main breaker…I have to say I am old school…That unit has some adjustment settings on it I am not familiar with…maybe someone else can shine some light on that main breaker features…

But yes…quite a honker…but looks like a smart panel…I did not know Cutler Hammer ventured into them…GERG…??? have you seen any…???

That type of CH breaker has a trip setting on it, You can set the sensitivity. It is a high dollar breaker.

It has a magnetic trip rating, also a trip button on it, when pushed it will knock the crap out of your hand if it is in the way. It can also trip when a ballast or something similar goes bad if set too low. They are that sensitive sensing ground faults.

*Cutler Hammer Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) *
AutomationDirect now offers a line of Eaton Cutler-Hammer’s Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCBs) that provides UL489 listed performance for branch circuit overcurrent protection and disconnecting means. The small size of these Cutler Hammer circuit breakers saves panel space, compared to standard breakers or comparable fusible devices. These MCCBs use a patented contact conductor design featuring high-speed “blow-open” action that results in superior performance when high level fault currents produce extraordinary electromechanical forces. These circuit breakers also feature advanced arc extinguishing technology, and a toggle handle that provides three positions (on/ off/ tripped) along with visual indicators. A line of accessories (e.g. handles, auxiliary contacts, shunt trips and undervoltage releases) are also available for these MCCBs.

Available Cutler Hammer breakers include:

  • G3P-Series (15 to 100 Amp)
  • F3P-Series (100 to 225 Amp)
  • K3P-Series (250 to 400 Amp)
    *]L3P-Series (400 to 600 Amp)

I never saw much Cutler Hammer stuff. The computer biz was all Square D and I think the state must have had a Square D deal too. That was all I ever saw on a state project. That is all I ever used at my houses, but that may be because I always had plenty of breakers laying around. ;-)I still have a big box of them.

I’ve never seen 400 amps in a residence. Even the 15,000 houses have 200 amps. But we also use a lot of gas here. Or do we have a lot of gas? Whatever.

Actually, not that it makes much difference, but I looked at my notes and took a closer look at my photos…it’s a 300 amp breaker not a 400.

Thats probably ok for that size house.
I did a calc. once on a 3600 sf with several extra items and got 277 amps.
Power co. said either 200amp or 400amp take your pick.


You would be surprised how many "Electricians" do not know how to CORRECTLY size a panel......so not to say all those 200A panels are wrong....but I can say it would be FUN to size one if you ever get all the specs handy.......Might be interesting...:)

I am with ya Greg…Most all of what I install is Square D QO…and on certain BUDGET situations…Homeline…

Oh yes…I have even installed a GE panel…lol…in a service change I was limited with space on a 100A upgrade to a 200A panel…and the GE panel fit BEST in the old panels footprint…:)…

You use what ya gotta…:)…and I agree Greg…Love using that TRUCK stock…:slight_smile:

Is that a 3ph panel?

No, it’s single phase.