Honor Guarantee

InterNACHI will pay up to US $10,000.00 (maximum collective aggregate) for the cost of replacement of personal property lost (and not recovered, restituted or insured) during an inspection and stolen by a member of who had displayed the Honor Guarantee webseal (below) on his/her inspection business website and was convicted of or pled guilty (or no contest) to any criminal charge resulting from the member’s taking of the personal property. Claimant agrees that the exclusive venue for any action against InterNACHI arising out of this Honor Guarantee is the District Court in Boulder County, Colorado. InterNACHI’s Honor Guarantee is valid in all of the U.S. and Canada.

This one has me baffled. Unless an inspection is a sellers’ inspection, how does this apply. Our clients don’t yet own the property so there is nothing to steal, unless, of course, some one wants to steal the wifes purse or maybe their car. If the so called lost item is insured it is not covered, and the guilty party must be convicted or plead guilty or not contest for stealing. And if they want to sue to collect they have to travel to Colorado to go to court. This looks like deceptive advertising to me.

Totally baffled wsiegel writes:

wsiegel, you are wrong on both counts:

The claimant need not be a client of an InterNACHI member, so the seller is covered as well.

And, you only have to sue in Colorado if you are suing InterNACHI, because that is where we are (no reason to sue us to collect… we pay). You need NOT come to Colorado to sue the thief of course.


I’d say this is just another useless logo.
Here is why. If, as stated in the guarantee, the amount up to10K would be exclusive of any reimbursement from insurance, then this guarantee is worthless.

I am pretty sure there is no deductible for theft on my homeowners policy. Therefore, there will be no “extra” money after the claim is paid.

To me, it reads as if, “We have so many dishonest inspectors, we need to put op a 10K guarantee to gain a potential Client”!:mrgreen:

As far as litigation against nachi, I wonder as the guaranteeing entity, if nachi would be liable?

LOL! Someone has been falling asleep in their Marketing 101 course.

Of course the guarantee is worthless from that perspective… unless you are a thief! Jeeze. Covering thievery is not it’s purpose at all. No consumer who thinks you are a thief is going to hire you because you now have the Honor Guarantee. C’mon, quit dozing off in class. :roll:

Is there gonna be a test?

Yes, and Zoe is proctoring it for $100. :wink:

I think it is a great add on depending on your marketing and who can complain about having more options.
Sure you may find some logo and options worthless since having 12 logos that all say NACHI attached may be a bit much however you can pick and choose.

So as suspected, it is just a “marketing ploy”? Glad at least this time, you admitted it.:slight_smile:

“Admitted it”?.. I’m proud of it. You can refer to good, strong, marketing as “ploys” if you want, but there is no shame in marketing. In fact, if you provide a great inspection service, you have a moral obligation to allow as many of your fellow Americans know about and benefit from your services.

What’s unethical and wrong is for good technical inspectors to go out of business because they think marketing is some kind of “ploy.”

C’mon, Nick. Be honest, now. You pay these guys to play Dr. Watson to your Sherlock Holmes, right?:wink:

This ploy is called “Gimmick” or if you will a “Gromicko Gimmick” gentlemen —I love it --thanks Nick !

You guys really need to study marketing 101.
Everything you do should be about marketing.
This is not some contracting job with clients guaranteeing work.

Hey, quite… go back to the Chicago section and quit educating Florida ConSpectors. Ok? Sheese! :wink:

Just prepping for when I come down to retire and die.:stuck_out_tongue:
You guys need more Inspectors down there ,right?

Here is a great example of how the many tools at this site can help you with marketing.
I am currently working on a new local chapter site for NACHI Chicago.
Just started last night but check out how I used the free illustrations available for member use on my landing page.
They look great and liven the page.
Wylie Robinson who was a graphic designer here at NACHI till last year may have done some of these .

Imagine if someone pointed out in the electrical forum that GFCIs had test buttons, as if this was a brilliant revelation that no one ever knew. What would an electrician think of this goofball?

Now, imagine if someone pointed out in the plumbing forum that toilets have handles that make them flush, as if this was some brilliant revelation that no one ever knew. What would a plumber think of this goofball?

Now, imagine if someone pointed out that the Honor Guarantee wasn’t designed to cover thievery but was designed as a marketing tool, as if this was some brilliant revelation that no one ever knew.

Nick is right.
The web surfer giving you how many seconds to attract attention needs fast stimulus and not a college thesis.

If I had the guts I would just put a sexy lady on the home page and get tons of hits.

Your joke has some truth to it. Many scientific studies have shown that a PIC of a woman smiling is a good thing to have on any site and in any ad. Ever notice how many ads have a PIC of a smiling woman?

I suppose someone is now going to point out that the woman is a model and may not have been truly happy, but only smiled because she was paid to smile for the photograph, and that such pictures are nothing more than marketing “ploys” LOL!

Anyway, in advertising, you have only 2 or 3 seconds to catch a consumer’s eye. I struggled for many months to come up with an inspection business tagline (marketing sentence) that had both the word “honor” and the word “guarantee” within it. Every tagline I came up with was too long. Then one day an apple fell from a tree I was sitting under and it hit me in the head.

Yeah ,I have been hit in the head a few times myself ,hough it may not have helped much.
True though as the owner of Go Daddy can tell you.

Sex and fear of death sell by getting to basic instincts that have nothing to do with intelligence.

Hard to sell a old inspector as sexy so we use fear of health and losing money as bait to hire us.
Funny thing is that with marketing we could still use the other angle too.Just a little trickier.

One of my favorite songs from the 80s comes to mind…

“You spin me right round baby like a record baby, right round, round round”!:):slight_smile: