Honour A Fallen Constable

A local radio personality wrote this on his Blog this morning. If you honour the brave. If you value your safety. If you support the men and women who protect us from chaos. If you know that the meaning of valour sometimes means paying the ultimate price, then read this and sign the petition;

**"There is a significant movement underway to right a wrong to one of our finest. Cobourg Constable Christ Garrett, who is originally from Odessa, was killed while responding to a false 911 call. He was stabbed, but managed to shoot his assailant in the leg. The man had to get treatment in hospital and that led to his capture. As it turns out, the man had planned on killing other officers, so the actions of Garrett actually saved the lives of other officers. **

**As it turns out the Governor General’s office will only award Garrett a Meritorious Service Decoration, not the Cross of Valour he deserves. The reason is because an application for the Cross of Valour needs to be made no more than 2-years after the person’s death. Unfortunately, it took more than two years for the court case to play out and the Governor General’s office wouldn’t accept the application until that had happened. It’s a farce. **An online petition asking the Governor General to correct this injustice has 14,000 signatures so far. Please, do what you can to help Chris Garrett get the recognition he deserves by signing the petition as well. All you have to do is go through the following link."


Thanks George!

I signed, and sent this onto another dozen and a half people.

Hi Ray;
I have heard from Canadian ex-pats from as far away as Norway who have filed their names. Many Americans have also put their names on the document. Honouring our police is a trans-national issue it seems.

Thanks George. I remember the story and will sign the petition.

20403.Mario A. Kyriacou It’s time to do the right thing!!

**Jean seeks shelter in PMO’s officeGG passes buck to Harper as outrage over medal for slain cop escalates
Don Martin, National Post Published: Thursday, November 29, 2007

It was announced today that the time limit that prevented the inclusion of Constable Garret’s name on the honours list has been suspended. Constable Garret is now eligible to win the Cross of Valour posthumously. There were over 37,000 signatures on the petition and that helped move this issue forward. I am sure that there were many N.A.C.H.I. inspectors who included their names to correct this wrong.

Thank you to all who recognized this injustice and acted to honour a fallen hero.