Hook up that pan drain, Jose'

“Andale! Andale! Hook up that pan drain, Jose’. And caulk it real good so it won’t leak.”

(Disregard the float switch; it didn’t work and fell apart when I touched it.)

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092109 089.JPG

092109 089.JPG

092109 090.JPG

How do you know his name was Jose?

Maybe it was simply Joe.

Or he was just giving instructions… connect “Hose A” to … :p:D

Judging from the workmanship, I can envision someone who speaks with an accent. Of course, I could be totally wrong.

Or hose B ?

More ethnic fun and games… :frowning:

You sure it wasn’t Leroy with his wife Latisha as his assistant???:stuck_out_tongue:

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Servin Mayberry to Mt. Pilot:D

You are probaly right. American contractors are well know to say “Just caulk it and lets go to lunch”.



WTF is this thread about Joe???

Poking fun at the idiot who put in that drain pan. That’s it. In this part of the country, I see a lot of shoddy work. Turns out 90% of homes are built by people who can’t speak English. I was extrapolated that statistic into a presumption.

His name could have been Jose’, Pablo, Joe, Miguel, Marcel, Shenika, Twan, or Mike I suppose. Why is it that my choice of a Latin name is a problem for you? I guess the only politically correct name to use is Anglo Saxon? How about “Bubba”? Let’s make fun of Southern people. You seem to be OK with that. :wink:

Just wondering why you felt the need to malign people that speak Spanish is all. Did not seem proper here in a HI message board. I am sorry I am the only person who thinks this. Nothing wrong with Southern people by me Joe.

Continue on with your witty commentary, perhaps Polish speaking people could be next?? Or Persians perhaps???

I’ll be more sensitive to those south of the boarder in the future.

I haven’t heard any good Persian jokes lately Brian. If I do, I’ll share it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s all be friends. :smiley:

Ok you got me Joe. dangit…:smiley:

or hose b?

sorry. too little too late