Hope everyone makes out ok ( Tsunami warning)

Lets hope this turns out better than Japan
Good luck to all on the coast


Wayne,things may get worse if you believe in what is called a Super Moon.
It will be at its peak on the 19th.

Did anything special happen the last time the moon came this close 18 years ago Bob?


Forces of nature!

And to think some complain because of little rain or snow!

Its just Incredible!

Our thoughts are with those affected.

Beauchemin, Marc-Andre :slight_smile:

That global warming is getting serious!

Let’s wait and see if we see rioting and looting and residents shooting at helicopters trying to rescue them. That seems to be the normal behavior in natural disasters.

P. S. Since George Bush is no longer in office, whose fault is this anyway?

yeah right…you and Al Gore must be buds…lol…

wonder if the US fired up HARRP again…hummmm…