Horizon Reporting System

If anyone is using this report, how do you proceed if your client does not have internet access? Do you print it off and deliver a hard copy, put it on a disk, or send to his agent?

I am not familiar with this reporting system, however in most cases if you select the print command a window will appear giving you a choice of printers. If you select the ‘PDF’ printer you can save the file to a target of your choosing and that will provide you with an unalterable PDF file of your report. You can Email that out to your client or put it on a disk or whatever your little heart desires!
Good luck!

I mail to client, after I give him a verbal at the site, if he’s not present verbal on phone everybody happy so far.

I give them three choices, Email, Hand delivered or by snail mail.
Nachi also has the capability to upload reports,I think, ask on the board and someone will point you in the right direction.


Go here and send them email I am sure they will explain it to you or you can phone Toll free number I have found them a great company to deal with .
Roy Cooke

Thanks for all the help, I don’t think I explained myself well enough. When the Horizon report is published on the web it includes hyper-links in the text that give you more information regarding a condition, say for example a curling asphalt roof. If I were to print a hard copy for a client who has no internet access they would not be able to access this extra information. The report without this, in my opinion, is still a great looking report and still meets SOP.
Maybe it’s the price people pay for not having a computer. LOL. I will give Carson Dunlop a call in the morning.
Thanks again.