Horizontal cracks in foundation wall, got milk?

:10 rarely an indication of foundation settlement. (agree)
Yet, regardless of type of crack too many companies scare/tell homeowners their house IS settling and need piers etc.

:20 block walls, horizontal cracks/bowed wall typically caused by the lateral pressure of the SOIL

Agree, don’t see many horizontal cracks in poured walls.

:45 corrosion of reinforcing steel…garage, salt water from snow melting off cars caused steel to corrode.

Say again, the inside system companies are NOT going to do what you see them do in video, saw cut slabs etc.
—>INSTEAD, they’ll bs homeowners into an interior water DIVERTING system and some may tell homeowners to install carbon fiber straps etc and THAT will not stop further corrosion of steel, got it? #-o#-o#-o

2:05 See garage slabs/steel and wall? lololol
“Made the problem worse”

2:17 and 3:05 sure looks like a vertical crack in wall behind pipe and a hairline vertical crack (3:05)

Hope homeowner didn’t get water in through either vertical crack after going through this. They may get lucky as its the garage f-wall.

3:25 Why do some park trucks on homeowners driveway :-k
Never know, it could cause a crack or cause an existing crack to widen, oil etc