Horizontal Furnace Installation

Does anyone know whether a Goodman natural gas, forced air furnace model # GMS90703BXA can be installed horizontally? Thanks in advance.


Manuals are supposed to remain with and at the equipment
It’s a write up when they are NOT on my reports and when absent I include a link whenever they are available

it appears this unit can be installed either way


Just type the model # in your search I use Google most of the time

Thanks Barry. No documentation was with the unit. It has other issues such as only 4 short screws holding the unit in the air.

The manufacturers instructions for that unit dated 11/05 (some of the pages attached) allow for a horizontal installation, but special conversion may be needed for certain situations. I don’t have archive copies of older instructions for that model, but you can always call the manufacturer if in doubt.

But getting into installation instructions and specifics … particularly horizontal conversions … is going a little too deep for a typical home inspection. I think the bottom line for an HI is to just look for anything that doesn’t look right, and make sure the unit seems to be operating and venting properly.

Hope that helps.