Horizontal GFCI outlet

Would say anything about this horizontal GFCI outlet under the SPA tub? Would you recommend it be relocated?


Looks good to me. Quite typical on this type of protection. It’s going to be protected by a jacuzzi cover anyways…Right?

Why would it matter if it is horizontal.?

Is it supposed to get wet down there ,and if it does will it not get wet either way?

At least they put it on the hatch side ,which is more than I can say for some of the ones I have seen recently.

No. Like others said, its OK.

Personally I like the Horizontal install less likely the cord will fall out and create a loose connection from the vibration and cord weight


As long as it is secure. Think of how many of these under the spa tubs that you curse at because you have trouble reaching them

as long as it has access Buck…vertical,horizontal,diagonal is fine with Me…

It’s fine…as long as it is not in the below locations, you are good to go…

**(E) Receptacles in Countertops and Similar Work Surfaces
in Dwelling Units. **Receptacles shall not be installed in
a face-up position in countertops or similar work surfaces.

Now I might have a problem with what appears to be the NM Cable not secured properly as it leaves this box…but then again thats me…:wink: