Horizontal siding no transition strips

Inspected this house and the exterior siding was very wavy, but had a good paint finish on it. Looked a little deeper and noticed there are no metal transition strips at the seams/butted edge.
The entire home is missing the transition strips. The seams have been filled with a large amount of caulking which is now starting to crack.
My questions are:
Can the siding be installed with out the transition clips? I would think not

Going to recommend a siding contractor to my client for further evaluation. Any other input from you guys would be helpful.

The home is in a gated community with 3 types of exteriors (horzt1-11 type siding, lap board & stucco)
The other homes with the horz siding do have transition clips.

Thanks in advance

Depends on the brand of siding.

Most allow either a gap with sealant, or a joint molding.

That wall has problems that now render the joint molding issue moot.

Yep, that wall is a mess. Was that fiber board siding? Most likely moisture problems behind it, and will likely have to be replaced.

Looks like moisture issue.
Look at the vents on the right hand side.
An IR would have maybe pick up a deficiency.

I suspect that all that could go wrong with the installation of this product, did due to disregard to proper manufactures installation guidelines and standard pracice of building.

A nice narrative in there for a report Marcel.:slight_smile:

Best to you and yours this year.

My guess is that the siding was installed to tight which doesn’t allow for expansion and contraction. The wavyness is usually due to the material expanding.