Horribly sad video. Carrier HVAC employees discover their jobs are moving to Mexico.

Happened to my step father many years ago as he even went to Mexico to train the replacements for a year. Zenith ]

I’d be hesitant at buying any Carrier CA products manufactured within the next year.

Say what you will… Trump is correct on this issue. We’re losing jobs to Mexico.

And the rest of the world.:neutral:

Also to China. :wink:

Trump Manufactures His Clothing Line in China and Mexico While Bashing Them for “Stealing” US Jobs

Donald Trump: I Never Disputed That Some of My Clothing Line Was Made in Mexico

I see Trump gained some more supporters.

Fickle people would like a healthy Mexico to stop the influx then complain when the solution is send their jobs over there.
But seriously most of the jobs are lost to China, not Mexico.

I love Mexican food!!!

Viva Mexico!

LOL Trump could care less , you have to be a fool to think differently . He goes where it is cheap labor , Perhaps he wants to turn the USA in to a Mexico or China to cut down on his travel time .

And we have been for decades with such idiocy as NAFTA, the work to force the concept of a “Global Economy”, etc.

Carrier is simply doing what it can and is allowed to do since our government has refused over the decades to strengthen the economy rather than make it highly dependent on cheap, foreign, imported junk and allowing US manufacturers to move offshore without consequences.

Notice that jobs going to other countries started during the end of the Reagan presidency. It was the laws that Reagan pushed through that caused this whole mess. America cannot have a strong economy when laws require the American tax payers to pay corporations to move their jobs to other countries.

BTW-Reagan was not right on everything.

1,300 Layoffs for Northeast Philly’s Cardone Industries
Read more at http://www.phillymag.com/business/2016/01/20/cardone-industries-layoffs/#Xmm0PsrspAbLtS1c.99

Trade agreements are written into law by Congress who are bought and paid for through lobbyists & special interest not to mention campaign financing, which most politicians start the day after they take office…

Trump can’t be bought :stuck_out_tongue:

Best all of us look in our own closets and cupboards. If you want change always remember the consumer drives the market. You want it cheaper, you chose to by cheaper, then the market will find a way and place to give you what you demand. For myself I have watched the manufacturing sector virtually dispensary here in Ontario. Goods once produced here are now produced cheaper in the US or Mexico and of course overseas so we can buy them cheaper but they are indeed cheaper goods. The quality of the products leaves much to be desired. Many of the tools my grandfather passed on still work properly when used but few of the tools one can buy now will last till the job gets done never mind staying in my tool box till I retire.

How Citizens United Gave Us Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump

Nothing will change until we get the money out of politics.

Sound familiar mikey. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t you just hate when the court follows the constitution? :stuck_out_tongue: