Hospital Grounding?

good evening brothers, im an inspector and a union electrician in NYC. The other day my partner and I were Replacing work that had previously been installed on this new building. We noticed that the ground wire had been spliced(skinned and twisted)and taped, then feed through the rest of the run. I have been doing some research on this but have no concrete evidence as to why that splice is not kosher. If anyone has any input on this, please contact me at . thanks

I would think it should be a cad weld Andrew if it had to cut or added too.

Except for underground, all splices are supposed to be in accessible junction boxes. In the middle of a conduit run hardly counts. You might want to read 300.13.

I would have hoped that this would have been covered in the apprenticeship.

thanks for the help, the douchbag i work for has had his ticket for a week. unfortunately i think he did go through the apprenticship