Hot Ground

Found this receptacle in a bathroom today. Note the 3 bulb tester correctly identifying the hot/ground reversal and the blank screen on the sure-test. 120 volts neutral to ground by multi-meter. 120 volts ground (and cover plate screw) to water pipe. Pretty darn scary!


Thats strange as the SureTest should have picked up the hot/ground reversal also. Maybe get your SureTest checked out.

I am pretty sure that the only response possible for the sure-test on a hot/ground reversal is a blank screen. Is that not correct?

Sorry … It looked like ya had the current SureTest 61-165 which will give you an indicator light for that condition, and looking at the close up it’s an older SureTest 61-155 which will give you a blank screen for both Hot/Ground reversal and Open-Hot/Open-Neutral … one on the disadvantages of that model in my opinion … :wink:

ya…and if it is not a blank screen…it will flicker with little black lines as well…saw it just the other day…:slight_smile: