Hot hot hot

Started out with my 1st inspection at 79 degrees was 91 by the time I was done. Inspection this afternoon is already 94 degrees a heat index of 115 degrees. So humid mast windows are steamed up in the homes with AC.

No central air to test I may sweat off the few extra pounds I have.

I keep a cooler full of water, Gatorade, and canned fruit on ice everyday this time of year. I also keep plenty of towels and fresh shirts.

I have an insulated cooler, that our milk man left with us, when we decided to buy our milk at the supermarket.
I keep it stocked with bottled water, small cans of Coke Zero, and Pepsi Max.
In addition, I have 3 ziploc bags with a variety of small snacks like Oreos, Cheese&Crackers, and Oatmeal&Pnut bars,
and I keep the whole kit in the back of my truck when out on inspections lately.
I’ve had great luck in offering it to my clients, and they’re really appreciative, and thank me profusely when done.
It’s been one of the best “little things” that I add to my inspections.

Great idea, had to wring the water from my shirt today

That’s a great thing to do. Try some can fruit also. I buy pears in heavy syrup then rinse them good with cold bottle water to get the syrup off . It sure makes me feel good on really hot and humid days.

Today in the shade

Try Southwest Florida in the Summer. We never hit 100 degrees, but you can count on 92 degrees every day in July, August and Sept. But, Dec, Jan, and Feb. are not too bad.