Hot inspection leads are sitting on the kitchen counter


Good info, Nick!

I received 100s of inspections that way! :smile:

I have connected with many agents and received many inspections this way. I simply take photos of several cards at a time.

Ditto, and always leave mine among theirs.

Ive been doing this for many years…

In our area there are realtor listing books, and I scanned through this book and found 43 realtors that listed their email address near my area. I was going to send an email out to 15 realtors, and if I don’t hear nothing for a week I will email 15 more realtors, And if I still do not get many leads I will reach out to the last 13 realtors. If I get slammed from a group of realtors then I will hold off until I reach out to the next group. But what if this is not successful for me the first time around, the second time around am I OK to offer maybe a gas gift card for each lead for the month, or is that wrong. I realize we are not allowed to buy off realtors for leads but is what I suggested OK do you think?


C…offer or provide any disclosed or undisclosed financial compensation directly or indirectly to any real estate agent, real estate broker, or real estate company for referrals or for inclusion on lists of preferred and/or affiliated inspectors or inspection companies.

Ok, I will just cross my fingers and hope they offer me to clients. I had a realtor call me about 5 years ago and asked me if I dropped my price to $200 an inspection she would give me all there bank owned home inspections to me(whatever that means). But she never called me back and in a way I was ok with that because she was really snotty and over the years I have heard from others she is not a pleasent lady. That was the last time I ever attempted to talk to realtors for work

It means all the garbage condition home inspections that the bank owns, for the most part. :flushed: