Hot Neutral Reversed Recommendations

What do you recommend?

I often find outlets that are Hot Neutral reversed. Sometimes GFCI’s as well. The GFCI’s function manually and power is disconnected. Testers though do not trip the circuit. Is it best practice to always recommend a licensed electrical contractor further evaluate and fix ALL Hot Neutral outlets, just GFCI’s or what?

Never assume the buyer can fix anything electrical related. Always recommend repairs by a **licensed electrical contractor **on all improperly installed outlets.

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All improperly wired outlets need to be corrected. As Vince stated, always recommend correction (not evaluation) by a qualified electrician.

That goes for any repair IMO, recommend a licensed contractor - it’s up to the client who they use, but you’ve made the recommendation. If not, Harry Homeowner gets electrocuted and says, “But the inspector said I could re-wire this…!”

That the condition be corrected by an Electrician. :smiley:

If he’s been electrocuted he doesn’t say anything–he just lies there.

If it’s resent he might jerk around a bit.:margarit:

Excellent point Mr.Santos. Write it up.That’s all. Recommend a licensed electrician investagate the electrical system. We are home inspectors and not electricians or tradesmen. And certainly not code inspectors.