Hot News - InterNACHI & NCLHIA

Are now partners. Stay tuned for details

We announced this at our annual education conference and the response has been overwhelming. We are working with InterNACHI staff to get the details worked out and the mechanisms in place. We hope to have this up and running soon so please hold on for a little bit longer. I promise you it’g going to be GREAT!

Let the Benefits roll!

Please pardon the delay

The NCLHIA/InterNACHI partnership is currently in process and access will be available in the very near future. We are currently working on merging the membership lists/databases and establishing a system to allow access to the benefits of both organizations.


We hope to have the system in place soon and we will make an announcement with the details when the partnership program goes active and access is available.

We are also aware that the link provided in the attached flyer may not be active or may direct you to a different page with little to no information on the partnership. We have brought this to the attention of the InterNACHI staff and hope to have it resolved soon.

Until then your patience is appreciated and check back periodically for updates on this exciting partnership.