Hot off the presses Fl. senators stupid again

The Florida State Senate has amended the Senate glich bill to allow for the practice of contractors to conduct home inspections and estimate and then repair the items found deficient. I guess they can’t see any conflict of interest or could care less if one might exist. Let’s face it the fact is they need to line the coffers for reelection and the contractors lobby has money and ethical behaviour doesn’t cough up the bucks. Anyone out there want to hire an experienced inspector who is soon to be out of work? I know I will have to relocate out of Florida. I just sold my house.

We are starting a hiring campaign next week for 2 inspector trainees but being a home inspector puts people at the bottom of the list in our office. No offense

Looks like we have 4 Certified Indoor Environmentalists in our office that will be celebrating a new Florida mold law soon.

I take no ofense I agree with you that home inspectors are not generally to good from your perspective. I haven’t done any type of environmental testing since the radon gravy train ended years ago. I let my license expire 16 years ago. Besides, my problem with the legislature would dictate that I relocate out of this state. Last time I checked Naples is in Florida. I am from N.J. originally, up there they hide the fact that money drives the policy decisions, down here they don’t even bother.

Well I take alot of offense from it. I’ve been doing mold sampling for 5 years and though it’s not a large portion of my business I think it’s ridiculous what’s being required for someone just to take samples and do a visual inspection. I’m not talking about mitigation I’m just talking about sampling. So Douglas, no offense, but take your celebration elsewhere.

By the way I have that IAC2 designation too. That mold sampling you do sounds just like what I do. Of course I switched to PRO-LAB their reports are more client friendly and are easier to understand.

If you just do sampling - you just don’t get it. No reason to even discuss the mold assessor license. Texas, Arkansas and now Florida. Have fun for the next year taking people’s money.
Future looks good from here.

**61-31.1 LICENSURE **
61-31.101 License Requirements
61-31.102 Examination

61-31.102 Examination **
A written examination shall be passed prior to any applicant receiving a license practice as a mold remediator or assessor as provided in Chapter 468, Florida Statutes. unless exempt by this part.
(1) The department approves the Council-certified Indoor Environmentalist
(CIE)** examination, the Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) examination, or the Council-certified Microbial Consultant (CMC) examination offered by American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC) for purposes mold assessor licensure. Applicants must achieve a passing grade pursuant the requirements of the ACAC and Section 455.217, Florida Statutes.

I have always felt the state should follow the National Standard 1100 (NOCA) which recently was approved by ANSI that clarifies the difference between Indoor Air Quality professionals (including mold inspectors) that are “certified” professionals and those that are just “certificate holders” (completed a training course).
Since the American Council for Accredited Certification, (ACAC) , the American Board of Industrial Hygiene(ABIH) and the Board of Certified Safety Professionals have the only IAQ certifications that meet the standard they should be recognized.

I’m sorry the whole thing is a bunch of stupid people not applying science. Eight out of ten times the condition (with mold) is easily eliminated by the correction of a moisture condition. One out of ten times is easily eliminated with the correction of a moisture condition that is difficult to correct. Sometimes (the other one of ten) times you need to start over. A mold test is worthless without evaluation of the structure in a holistic manner that determines not only the cause but the cure.

Agree! Sometimes appliying too much science… so much ‘science’ is too smart by half. See the problem, fix the problem, move on.