Hot panel

Every breaker in this panel was a GFCI, AFCI or combo. The ambient temp in the room was 89F. I know that GFCI/AFCI breakers can run a bit hot, but this seems excessive. Any thoughts?

No big deal to me small load and hot temp inside couold = this

It might be a problem, it might not. Can’t fully determine without considering the rated loads of the circuits and measuring the actual loads. Then calculating for the Temp max.

~113 with ~90 ambient doesn’t seem outside the “norm” for GFCI and AFCI under those conditions in my opinion… but again we don’t have all the necessary information.

I never saw a panel with all AFCI/GFCIs. I started to test the outlets, and when I tripped one breaker, a breaker adjacent to it in the panel tripped. The seller said that happens all the time. Heat related?

No I expect it is just close to tripping and when dumped some inrush voltage pushed the other breaker over the its limit .

arc faults cant share a neutral

These are AFCI/GFCI combos.

all afci & gfci have internal components that produce resistance during normal operation even when NO LOAD is present
resistance = heat
ir images afci ocds & gfci receptacle NO LOAD is present…are these problems?

attempting to document using a spot thermometer & no other required info can easily be discredited, ymmv


IR_0398 (Small).jpg

The problem could be “upstream”. These breakers can be tripped by noise, such as voltages induced by radio-frequency interference.

Triac-based dimmers abruptly turn power on and off 120 times a second, causing switching noise which has high frequency components.

“Mystery trippings” of GFCI’s are not uncommon. To get to the root cause, you would need special equipment, knowledge and time on your hands. For instance a digital oscilloscope to capture a trace of the outlet’s line voltage leading up to the event. If a spike, or some strange noise is recorded, then that explains the tripping. But, of course, you still don’t know where it came from or what, if anything, can be done about it.

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Good responses. Thanks guys.