Hot PIC: CMI banner of world's largest inspection company by volume.

Certified Master Inspectors… the best of the best:


btw, what is MoldSafe?

Shhhhh. It is a secret :slight_smile:

you got your raincoat ready for the next few days?

They’re buying up our country.

If they’re “the best of the best” why must they give so much FREE stuff/junk away?

InterNACHI is the best inspection association and arguably the best trade association (of any industry) in the world. It gives a lot away for free:

They got to be the largest home inspection company by volume in the world the same way InterNACHI got to be the largest inspection association in the world.


They’re the largest lowballing inspection in the country. That’s how they get volume.
It’s a shame.
Hey Nick, can I rent that fancy ditch digging tractor from you for $50/week???

The banner is incorrect in it’s affiliations with CMI’S

Junk is junk.

Something Thornberry came up with, so beware.

Thank you for clarifying a little.

Since the ISG’s products make many inspectors a ton of money I will now try to learn as much as I can about MoldSafe.:smiley:

Funny out of the blue I got a call about being affiliated with Pro-lab. Coincidence! I think not.
They are just making sure there is a distinction between loyalty.
Sorry Nick but I also can’t support the banner.

That’s none of my business, not my banner, didn’t design it, didn’t print it. Every CMI is free to use any vendor, product, or service that they want. I’m just pleased that the world’s largest inspection companies love CMI and correctly lead their marketing with CMI out in front.

Certified Master Inspector… it works.

As a board member of cmi it should matter to you. Personally my company will distance itself far away from the banner due to some companies involved with this

Good idea.

You should probably just leave NACHI too.

I"ll be here long after your out of business. Now go wipe your lips your embarrassing yourself

Nathan, I know you are watching. Come out, Nathan?

Interesting that Nate says beyond education (“InterNACHI at its core is online education”) the rest is “owned largely by ASHI”.