HOT PIC: Dominic of Home Inspector Pro... in the house.

Tell me that the unshaven straggly fellow beside you in the picture is an imposter and not the same smiling, and coiffed chap in the suit and tie at the top of this post.

Hey Dom I like the shirt.
Looks familiar somehow. :slight_smile:

By the way ,last nights client was a new construction attorney and thought the report looked great,with all the picture graphics thanks to your new beta.
Keep up the good work .

Actually someone ran out and got him a razor before the show. Guess he missed some spots ;D Nck went casual as I was casual. I wore my tie in the last few episodes and went for the HIP Shirt this time. Bob has one that he likes to wear out :mrgreen:

Bob, that’s awesome to hear your getting such good feedback. I still have 2 other areas I want to update on that beta before I publicly release the next version but I’m sure it’ll be next week.

Nick, thanks for having me out again! The new location is huge!

You were gone! Thats why it took over five minutes to get an email responded to! Dominic and HIP are the BEST in the home inspection business, bar none.

I have NEVER waited more than 20 seconds for Dom to reply to me! I must always catch him at the right time all the time, or the man just never sleeps:)

Nick, I am a fan of casual. Be/wear who you are, not what popular opinion dictates you should wear. Regardless, I think Spandex is out of the picture.

Dom, No Star Trek Uniform? (speechless) You would make a great Vulcan or perhaps a Bejoran.

Just because of bad phone service, I’m sure. He “watches” with his phone!!! I have caught him “out to lunch” before! :slight_smile:

It could be because I have worn him out recently. HAhha… But he has always been quick to help and respond!

Yup, all calls get forwarded to my cell after hours, that’s how you catch me out at lunch or dinnner. Now if I’m with my fiance I’ll usually have to call you back afterward dinner :smiley:

Mike, I wouldn’t want to wear my Vulcan uniform on NACHI.TV, it might have confused some of the guys on the board, hehe.

Dom looks more like a Romulan to me


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